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  1. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1340883480' post='136920'] Hi patclash, cootmaster and sixdbs, What other antivirus program do you have? Are you all three running Windows XP with Service Pack 3? [/quote] My antivirus program is Avast 7 Free version (I disabled also the anti virus control process in Ad-Watch-live setting, but it always enabled after update or restart of Ad-aware)
  2. [quote name='cootmaster' timestamp='1340844894' post='136914'] ok kids heres the picture THIS TIME it CRASHED 3x in a row w 3 alerts wo updating it was idle [/quote] Hi , I have the same message alert when Adware updated ( automatically or manually it's the same) That append from a month or so and this on two different PC running Windows XP SP3 french version