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  1. didn't work for me . still stalls and says can't connect error
  2. cookieblocker dll can not load library fies . betwen that and no update i'm not impressed . been using adaware for over 9 years with no problems, like most progs the more they do the more they screw up ! just like snorton
  3. seems somwe smithfraud zlob infection has stopped the update . possible . can't stop them with spywareblaster they keep undoing the
  4. very nice , but i paid for a product , and i expect it to work AS ADVERTISED . I don't want to do the manual update , if I had the free version I would not complain .
  5. having the same prob with ad aware plus 2008 paid version not impressed
  6. i have paid version plus just worried about resident shilds conflicting . i like the old days where there were few all in one apps IF the free version, that does not include the extended AV engine and should not conflict with Avast. it's the plus version i have. so unless scanning there will be no conflict ?
  7. i want to know what i can expext , conflict with avast , as they both have overlapping services , what services should not be installed , i really hate that everybody has all in one packages , i don't want that ! i feel i wasted my money now . adaware was great now it's turned into norto /zonealarm . so what "features should i disable in order to have no conflicts with avast , avast only runs resident sheild , no spywaresheild or other garbage , just virus