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    I LOVE AQ and (European) football<br />- It is my personal opinion that man is not the most intelligent creature on the planet Earth.<br />As a matter of fact? Man is the most foolish, for musing of such things.
  1. , I ment the text we have under our every message. You have this one:XP Pro SP3; ZoneAlarm Pro v7.0.470; AVG Free v7.5.524; WinPatrol Plus v15.0.2008.0; Spybot S&D v1.5.2.20; SpwareBlaster v4.0; AdAware 2008 Plus on Desktop; AdAware SE Plus on Laptops. MD5 = 9e107d9d372bb6826bd81d3542a419d6 = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
  2. Dear everybody, Again my Ad-aware fails to scan.. _________________ Sincerely Linux2009
  3. Ok, yes. If you save that screen shot as .jpg file we can see it without needing to download it. Does reinstallition work? Also what is your OS, Anti-virus, firewall, and SP?
  4. Oh, and my ad-aware seems to find only 1 infection. Can Ad-aware track that 1 infection, without actually using the core.aawdef ? Hopefully not..
  5. ________________________________________________________________________________ 1. First I open Ad-aware 2008 v7.1.0.10: ________________________________________________________________________________ 2. I press the *Update* button: ________________________________________________________________________________ 3. When it has downloaded the core.aawdef file for 5 minutes...: _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. ...this happends: ________________________________________________________________________________ 5. After another another 5 minutes...: ________________________________________________________________________________ 6. ...this happends: ______________________________________________________________________________ After this I closed ad-aware and went to download the core.aawdef from When I was adding the core.aawdef file to my Ad-aware folder, I saw that it already existed there. It was even the same size .. So, I just opened Ad-aware again hoping that it would work now. When the ad-aware windowd popped up it showed the "corrupt definiton file" error again. But this time it was the "reinstallition" that it showed in the solution area. Uh-oh.. (Scan still works... it is just annoying that ad-aware puts the "corrupt file" message there. That is not the problem! There isn't any!) Btw. I would like to know, what is the "Signature" for. In some people's signatures I've seen information about their computer and some are having lavasoftsupport forum rules. So what is the meaning of "signature" (my deleted signature propably wasn't your favorite. Darn, if I would have a screenshot of it, I could put it in here, or photobucket ).
  6. I-AM-NOT-A-NEW-BEAN I know that ad-aware doesn't work if the aawservices.exe isn't on. I know that if you turn it off, do something, and finally turn it on when you area about to start ad-aware, it works. I know that if it's "manually", then I have to open it manually. Before that ad-aware doesn't work. No, it is not because of automatic, or manually, or automatic (late start). I've tried all those. I've tried all those without firewall or anti-virus eather. Any more other ideas? Those I do tolerate. It is annoying to see all the same helpful helps.
  7. Nope, it didn't work. Still any ideas to solve this problem?
  8. Still the same prolbem. I'll soon try to clear ALL the caches and then reinstall the whole ad-aware. From C:\Windows too
  9. In that case, you can still answer through PM... Yes, it wont go away itself. Yeah, I still know it. I turn it on every time I'm gonna start Ad-Aware.
  10. Oh, and now I'm having problems to get the scan to scan . I'll let you know as soon as I get it to work.
  11. Linux 2009 wrote to Corruption Definition File topic (link to page 1 and to page 2):
  12. Ok, have you tried manually or these things -> click me?