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  1. Hip Hip HURAY....I opened adaware 2008 today and got 13 new updates and was able to do a full and smart scan with no freezing.Thanks everyone who replied to my post and tried to help,glad Lavasoft got this fixed.
  2. I contacted tech support last night late since I have Plus and do pay for it.They say they'll contact within 24hrs. but havnt maybe there's nothing they can tell me right now.But if 2008 is gonna freeze up like this and its gonna take awhile for them to figure it out,there should be a way to switch back to 2007 Plus.Maybe I have overlooked the download somewhere for paid members,I don't know.
  3. Ok im able to contact support now sorry but anybody got any news though about the freezing.I'm using adaware 2008 plus with XP SP2 and have kaspersky and I have tried to run the scans with Kasperksy disabled but still freeze's
  4. Hello I'm a Adaware 2008 plus customer and I cant reply to the lavasoft support forum,its says I don't have permission to reply even though I am logged in or after I attempt to log in.I've posted on here before about my freezing problems in full and smart scans and have not been able to correct this and I have 86.00 definition file.
  5. Its always the Cursors in smart scan,I don't know im frutsrated with it.
  6. I uninstalled then reinstalled 2008 Plus just now about 9pm central and i guess the updates didnt help cause it still freeze's.
  7. Ok good news,bad news...Bad news is i set the scanning size to 30kb and it still froze up on me at about 9min. into the scan at \Allusers\application Data\lavasoft\license\adaware.da2 .....Also when it freeze's the only way to stop adaware is the kill process using Task manager,and after that I can't re-scan or update I get an "error Core Busy" message so I have to restart computer to scan again.Good news is this time around when I opened adaware I got a couple new upates.public\aaw2008\aawserviceexe and \2008\ceapidll so it went a couple mins. longer before freezing this time,not sure if that had anything to to with it.
  8. I disabled the Av in the adaware itself and it still freeze's up during scan.During full scan it seems to freeze up at Data\lavasoft\ad-aware2007\update\new\lang......as for the smart scan it always freeze's in the C:\windows\cursors\....or somewhere near that
  9. So I'm having the same scan freeze problem like many here,I'm using 2008 Plus and can't finish a full or smart scan.I've tried everything suggested in these forums so what now?I had no problems with 2007 Plus.