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  1. Hi I have resolved my problem. Have run all updates and used PC Tune-Up from and this has cleared my problem. I am using Norton Security 2008, Windows X/P (home) SP3, Pent 4, 3.0ghz, 160 hd and 3gb ram. And Adware free 2008 and have run 5 times ok.. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi Have now sorted problem. Downloaded latest update 29/05/2008 and run PC-Tune up from Serif (UK) cleaned up a lot a of faults. Run Adware took as expected a bit longer, found about 89 low objects but satisfied with results. Maybe new update maybe Tune-up BUT IT WORKED. THANKS FOR ALL HELPFULL COMMENTS.
  3. Stopping on Software\microsoft\MM20\filters
  4. SENSIBLE advice always welcome shame about yours! I have dowloaded for the final time from filehippo yep its fast about 1min and downloaded latest update and great balls of fire it freezes on registry scan AGAIN When LS sort this I`ll use it otherwise if I try again my wife will cut my man hood off for wasting so much time.
  5. Have installed AGAIN still freezes on registry scan never in the same place!! will leave now until Lavasoft (if they see these comments) sort this problem as no doubt there is one. I agree I think it could be good old windows (SP3????)
  6. I think lavasoft need to look at this problem. I will not use until its been sorted.
  7. Hi Freezes when about 74,840 objects have been scanned once when checking media player and always during registry check have had no problems before (3 years) could it be the new windows XP SP3 down load, everything else works ok. This is the free Adware 2008.
  8. Hi Have had the same problem since downloading windows final SP3 download. Adware 2008 just freezes when checking registry. Any answers, would be most welcome. Have installed and unistalled about 6 times!!!