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  1. Hi Casey, As promised, I am writing to tell you of what I discovered. First, I found out that Ad-Aware is NOT the culprit -- neither with Ad Watch on nor off. I found out that Trend Micro Antivirus Plus AntiSpyware version 2010 is the culprit. Since I have more than one partition on my harddrive, I like to place as many files which have nothing to do with the actual running of the computer system, on a partition other than the C: drive/partition. That way, I retain more than enough room for all those files which MS and some others force us to place there for them to properly work. Therefore, I place my anti-malware programs on that other partition. So, as long as the system is told, by way of a full path, where those program files are, there should never be any problems. That has been the case with AVG Free, AD Aware Free, and Spybot Search & Destroy Free. Trend Micro's product, which is a commercial one I bought, installed on that other partition, without a single error. It was able to do its scans perfectly. The problem occurred whtn I wanted to shut down my computer. That is when I got that "WindowsFormsParking Window" and had to end up shutting down by pressing the power button until the machine was off. After much time spent chatting with their tech support, I found out their program was hardprogrammed to only look at the C: drive/partition for its running files when I would try to shut down the system through the normal manner. So, now I have it installed on my C: drive/partition, and all is okay with it. I am not a "happy camper," and I told TM that. So, it is very good news for Ad Aware and its users; and, annoying news for those using TM or thinking of getting TM and wanting to place it on a drive or partition other than C: The pity is that everything else about TM (the company, the support, how well its program works, etc.) is great, and I do recommend it, but, the one not so nice thing is something which does not have to exist. Regards, Julian.
  2. Hi Casey, I will try with Ad Watch off. Right now, it seems I can only switch it off temporarily, but, if this works, I will figure out how to seitch it off permanently. I will let you know the results. By the by, I intend to include this tidbit in an article I am writing for the New York Amateur Computer Club. Regards, Julian.
  3. Hi All, I know this topic came up in a different forum in 2006, based on my Google search. Armed with the knowledge that some program I have had not closed at the time I decided to shut down my computer, the hidden program, "WindowsFormsParking Window," grabbed hold of the computer system because of its setup with ".Net," I figured that the last program I installed was the culprit to trigger it. The current version of Ad-Aware Free was the last program I installed. To be more specific, there first were problems when I elected to not install AdWatch, even though it was included in the Free version. Once I uninstalled Ad-Aware Free, and re-installed it with AdWatch, I had no difficulties, at first. Then I started getting intermittent "WindowsFormsParking Window" problems. So far, I now shut down Ad-Aware completely, just before I try to do a system shutdown. The WindowsFormsParking Window has not appeared. This makes me believe that there may be something amiss with respect to the AdWatch program. After all, when I installed Ad Aware without AdWatch, there were alerts that I must reboot to finalize Ad-Aware. Once I installed Ad Watch, those alerts vanished. I hope I have worded the situation clearly. Is there any other way to prevent the "WindowsFormsParking Window" situation from occurring, other than manually shutting down Ad-Aware just before I start the system shutdown procedure? Thanks to all, in advance. Kind regards, Julian.
  4. Hello Casey, Thanks for getting back to me fast. You wrote: [quote name='casey_boy' post='113252' date='Nov 12 2009, 12:37 PM']Yes it is No, I don't think so, since your registry entries, shortcuts etc would link to the files in the currently installed location. Casey[/quote] Now I know that if I want to have more room on my "C" partition, I must uninstall Ad Aware, then reinstall it in the partition I wish it to go. :-( Every time I get into some of the more complicated things with MS Win, I think back to the simpler way with the Amiga computer. The Amiga Computer system always was so much more straight forward with just about everything. Ah well, back to the reality that I am now dealing with MS Win. Thanks again. Regards, Julian.
  5. Hello Casey, You wrote: [quote name='casey_boy' post='112803' date='Nov 2 2009, 11:28 AM']Hi, When you click to accept the licence agreement a blue 'customize installation' link will appear in the bottom right corner. Using that you can chose where to install Ad-Aware. Casey[/quote] I had to get back to the forum today, to find that you answered me. Thanks. I never noticed that before. Before I decide to uninstall and reinstall Ad Aware, is that blue "customize installation" link on the Free version of Ad Aware? Also, is there a simple way to actually move the files from where they now are to where I want them to be, so I do not have to uninstall and then reinstall? Thanks, in advance. Regards, Julian.
  6. Hi All, I have four partitions on my internal harddrive. The "C" partition is for those programs and files necessary to run the computer, as a boot type of partition. The second partition is "D" in which I place all those programs and files which do not need to be in "C," like office suites and anti-malware programs, games, etc. The third partition is used to place all the internet files gathered by the browsers (cookies, history, and some downloads). The fourth partition is reserved for the system as an emergency boot and system reinstall, as many brands of computers now have. I try to not install programs and other files on "C" to assure that I will have enough space for those files which must be on "C". When I installed Ad Aware 8.1 Free, yesterday, Sunday, the installation wizard never asked me where I wanted to place the product. Usually, a query is asked whether the user wishes to use a standard install or a custom (or expert, or manual) install. This is how I am able to use an installation wizard to install a program or file where I wish it to be installed. I do understand that for many programs to properly run, some files must be placed in certain directories in "C," such as libraries, so I do not expect to have every file placed where I wish. Can Ad Aware be installed, using a wizard, where I want it installed? Thank you, in advance. Regards, Julian
  7. Hello, I do hope this response is fully appropriate. I have Ad Aware AE Free installed on my MS XP Pro laptop; and, it seems to work well. I found a sort of variant with the splash screen situation. I have been checking out alternate ways to deal with it. More precisely: 1) When I start up Ad Aware AE Free, either from program listings or from my desktop, I get the full splash screen and the full use of the program. So there I do not have a problem. 2) When I do an update through the full splash screen, via the update button, I get the meters which are to show what is happening. 3) If there is a large update, I see both the meter showing the download, as well as the meter showing the "Overall Progress" being used. If the update is small, then I never see the "Overall Progress" bar do anything. Once the update has been loaded and installed, the progress meter disappears. 4) Then the full splash screen disappears, only to have a part of the splash screen appear, stating that Ad Aware is re-initializing. This implies that Ad Aware is about to restart, and I should soon see the full screen again. Instead, the screen disappears right after initialization. 5) I started checking out whether a similar thing would occur if I used the icon which is in my tray. I discovered that if I use it to start up the full Ad Aware, then the same thing occurs as before. If I only activate the update feature, then the meter screen appears; 6) When the meter screen appears this time, the same happens as before, except, the statement of re-initialization is there, after the download and installation. Once the re-initialization seems to be finished, the meter disappears. My questions are as follows: 1) Why would the splash screen first disappear, then not fully reappear after re-initialization? 2) Should not the "Overall Progress" meter always be used? I realize what I have asked may not be a bug, but just something not coded. Mostly curious. Thanks for a great product, great efforts, and great work; and, thanks, in advance, for answers. Regards, Amigan_1
  8. Oh, Great Ad-Aware Experts, I know that the suggested thing is to now switch to at least Ad-Aware 2008 Free. Unfortunately, it has one of the same unnecessary failing that Ad-Aware 2007 Free has. One cannot configure them to check ALL drives attached to one's computer. This is why I have continued to use Ad-Aware SE Personal. I can properly configure that version of Ad-Aware; and, by going to the Lavasoft site, I can continue to manually update its definition base. Suddenly, Ad-Aware SE will totally stop while scanning. This last time, it stopped while scanning files belonging to ZoneAlarm. The time before, it stopped while checking the computer's system. When I say, "It stopped," I mean that when I brought up the task manager, it stated that Ad-Aware SE was not responding. I had to "end task." Thank goodness that worked. What is happening? What can I do? This is a restatement of the posting to which I am replying. Thank you. Amigan_1
  9. Hello Everyone, First, I am referring to what has occurred on my laptops running MS Win XP SP2 (with all other further updates). I have read about Ad-Aware 2007 stopping, and of the fix. I have not attended to that as yet, but I do thank you for that info. I actually prefer to use Ad-Aware SE because, unlike both Ad-Aware 2007 Free and Ad-Aware 2008 Free, Ad-Aware SE Free can be configured to properly deal with how my system is set up. Since I use occasional removable drives as download storage devices, I want to have them also checked for malware. Only buying Ad-Aware 2007 or 2008 (whether directly buying or through the "Trial/Buy" thing can I have that sort of ability. Ad-Aware SE allows me to configure without being forced to buy. Ever since I downloaded and installed one of the last updates (by going to the Lavasoft site) to Ad-Aware SE, I found it suddenly not only stopping at a certain point, but becoming unresponsive. I had to use the Task Manager to end the task and close down Ad-Aware SE. What is going on? Thanks, in advance. Regards, Amigan_1
  10. Hello All, Found out something interesting. Not sure if it was/is due to Ad Aware 2007 Free. After my last bout with Ad Aware 2007 Free hanging, and because I have the Virtumonde malware on my other computer, I decided that I would first delete Ad Aware 2007 Free (uninstall it), then I would install Ad Aware SE. Yes, I know SE is no longer officially supported, but, through the Lavasoft site, I can still update its database and abilities. BTW, you can fully configure SE to properly match what you have with your system. Unless you either have bought the 2007 package or elected to use the "try this" offer, the extent of configuring only goes as far as fully checking the computer's internal harddrives; you cannot check any external drive (like a Zip, stick drive, external harddrive) which might also have an infected file. You can check these other drives using SE. The above paragraph is not why I am writing this now. I discovered that after I uninstalled 2007 Free, and installed SE, my system started running smoother. I saw that there were less accesses to the Internet, as indicated through Zone Alarm Personal. I do not know whether this means that version 2007 Free was just doing a lot more, or whether there is a bug. I just thought I should mention this. Thanks. Regards, Amigan_1
  11. Hello All, and, especially, To You, Jane, As with the others noting a version 2007 Free hanging, so have I. What bothers me is that it was first doing fine after the last update, when suddenly, it hangs. When I look at the progress of the scan, it states it is scanning "system information". This is fine, but it does not show a particular file or object. Then its clock keeps ticking, which means the program is still doing something. When I try to close the program, I am informed that it is unresponsive. So, I must force the program closed. When I try to run the program, again, without rebooting, I am told that there is an error and the core engine is busy. This is a message from the program, itself (in a balloon). After that first time, it never again did a full scan (I only use "Full Scan" mode.). I will try those fixes, but, I do have my doubts that because I am using 2007 Free, it will not allow me to do such. I will get back to this list when I have results. Regards, Amigan_1