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  1. Your instructions appear to have worked. Do I get rid of Windows Installer Cleanup with Add and Remove programs ? Do I get rid of Msicuu2 from the desktop by deleting it ? Thank you for your time. Stan
  2. No. But Ad-Aware 2007 appears under All Programs>Lavasoft>Ad-Aware 2007 Ad-Aware 2007 Ad-Aware update mgr Ad-Watch 2007 Host File Editor Process Watch Uninstall Ad-Aware 2007 Thanks for your response. Stan
  3. We finally found a site that offered Ad-Aware 2007, After many failed attempts at reinstalling Ad-Aware 2007, we finally deleted the Ad-Aware 2007 folder and then downloaded Ad-Aware 2007 again. Then we uninstalled AA 2007 and it appeared to work this time. We downloaded AA 2008 and it appears to have been successful. If we click Start>All Programs>Lavasoft it still shows Ad-Aware 2007 and 6 supporting files. If we click Start>My Computer>Local Disk(C:)>Program Files>Lavasoft it shows the Ad-Aware and Ad-Aware 2007 folders with the 2007 folder being empty(which it should be). We don't understand why AA 2007 still shows up under All Programs>Lavasoft. If anyone can shed some light on this we would appreciate it.
  4. We downloaded Ad-Aware 2008 but AA 2007 didn't uninstall. A related post suggested downloading AA 2007 again and then try uninstalling AA 2007. Where can we find Ad-Aware 2007 to download so we can try this ? We would appreciate any help.