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  1. Hello all, got a problem. Recently formatted my hard-drive, and after doing so, went to go buy the Plus version of Ad-Aware. Downloaded, everything worked fine, entered my key, no problems. I know there were no problems because Ad-Watch and everything worked fine. I think I know what caused the problem. I installed this while windows was still downloading it's updates. Rebooted after the windows update was installed. Boot the system up, lots of things had changed, including the fact that I got an error saying that only Plus and Pro version of Ad-Aware were able to run Ad-Watch, etc. Loaded into Ad-aware, and it says FREE in the upper right. I figured well maybe I need to put my key in again after the windows update. I get the normal: "Will now contact activation server!", then click Ok. After this, I get the following error: "REGISTRATION_STATUS_REACTIVATION_FINGERPRINT_CHANGED" Well, odd, so I click Ok. It asks me to enter my key again, and then I keep getting the error. How can I fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I tried uninstalling and re-downloading the program from my account and license page off the website, and after installing, still get the same error. Please Help!