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  1. Thank You , I have uninstalled it now. I want to install Adaware 2008 if its ok. The link you gave me is conditional on signing up with other services where can i download FREE without other commitments.
  2. I have re started my Computer and in the service window adaware services are still showing status as "starting" It seems impossible to stop it . There must be a way because I think it is slowing down my Pc s operating . How can I stop and remove this program?
  3. No its not available, It does show that lavasoft Ad-Adaware Service "Status" as "starting" where as all other programmes show status as "Started" I dont know why this is as I am not running adaware 2007 at the moment and it seems stuck on starting with no option on service links to stop it
  4. the service window does not give me an option to stop adaware when I click on it, Tell me exactly what you are saying , Do i just click on adaware and highlight it and then go to control panel and try to uninstall? because there's no "stop" option in service. I donot want to install more lavasoft software unless it helps me rid of this software which is currently unremovable . I think Lavasoft should not have software available thats so difficult to remove
  5. I attempted to run an Adaware 2007 scan but it would not open. So I tried to uninstall the program and re -install but it will not uninstall from my windows xp. it goes so far but then I get an error message "Error 1921 Service adaware 2007 service(aawservice) could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services" Then a window to attempt to retry which just goes through the unsuccessful uninstalling process again. This is crazy situation ,not being able to remove software . Can anyone offer advice