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  1. Unfortunately, they didnt really read my message and just replied with a standard "Your registration have been reset" answer
  2. Hi. First-time poster here. Apparantly this happens if you connect or disconnect an external hard-drive too. Whenever I disconnect my Seagate Freeagent Pro (using E-SATA) Ad-aware is no longer registered and my hardware fingerprint has changed. Technically Lavasoft's hardware fingerprint verification works, but from a user-aspect this is a bug or badly planned design-feature. I havent checked if connecting the drive to a USB-port changes the fingerprint to a different value. Maybe it treats an E-SATA device as an internal SATA-drive, but regardless of that, adding or removing hard-drives should never affect the fingerprint unless you are replacing the system drive. I reported this through "contact support" as soon as I saw it because I was confused to say the least. I'll report here when I get a reply.