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  1. Well, updated definition file today to 116, and it froze:( After a long time, running successful full scans I thought I had seen the back of these freezes, but its back. Just thought i would let you all know.
  2. Hi folks, Im back, how are you all.? Well, Ad-Aware 2008 Free Edition is still going strong. Im running definition file 112. now. Odd one today however, when I launched Ad-Aware, the window popped up as usual, but looked like this for a moment, before settling back down to how its supposed to look.
  3. Im running an Acer Aspire 5112WLMi laptop, with an AMD Turion 64x2 Graphics, up to date ATI 2 x 60GB HDD Vista Business 64Bit Service Pack 1 2GB RAM Running 2008 AVG 8 SpyBot latest Comodo Professional Firewall I have removed some software quite recently, which may of been causing the problems, but can't confirm this, as it may just be a coincidence. Software removed, was mainly video compression tools, and convertors, which i have replaced with one single piece of software called Any Video Converter. I use thunderBird client for my emails Firefox (latest version) for internet. Connectivity, WLAN via my wireless home router. Bluetooth with my phones for transferring images, videos etc. Hope this helps?
  4. Just an update guys, Ad-Aware 2008 Free is running full scans perfectly now "touch wood", throughout definition files 107, and 108, and the latest 109, all well and good.
  5. Glad you found the cause in your freeze. Well, a quick update on my progress, uninstalled Ad-Aware2008 once again, deleted all Lavasoft folders, ran cCleaner, rebooted, installed aww2008 again with all security switch off, after installation, rebooted again, then when back on, updated definitions to 105, ran a full scan, and it completed in 1 hour 5 minutes. Its confusing the hell out of me this one.
  6. Definition file 105, froze again at the first full scan.
  7. Running 104 definitions, full scan froze today
  8. Good luck Tim.! Do you have cCleaner?
  9. Sorry to hear that Tim. Have you tried the latest definition file, 103? I have just installed that, and ran yet another successful full scan.
  10. Cheers for the heads up on the freezing times.
  11. I waited for over an hour, and it was still frozen at the same place. If it should freeze again, I will wait a little longer, and report my findings.
  12. Full scan completed. Insane.!