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  1. Hi, I have free Ad-Aware 2007. Recently I decided to install 2008 verision, so I followed regular rotine, cControl Panel, Remove Program and when I clicked remove Ad-Aware 2007, I saw progress bar "collecting data"or something similar and then ... my computer got rebooted. I tried several times. Then I decided to re-install it over. I was getting a message "installation of previous version is in progress" ??? Well, at this point I decided manually remove program. I changed *.exe and *.dll attributes and removed whole directory. I assume that files in windows/System directory would become idle. Ops, it seems that this is not a case. There must be file or files which still prevet me to install newer version. I am still getting a message "complete"or "finish" previous installation or something similar. Does anyone know, which files needs to be removed in order to get rid of this problem and install newer version? I assume that this file is in System or System32 directory. I have Windows XP home version and use both Explorer and Firefox browsers. Any help, please? Thank you in advance. Best Regard Andre