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  1. Hello, This is my first posting on this or any other non 'microsoft' help forum and I was wondering if anyone knows of any conflicts that should stop Ad-Aware 2007 'free' from working properly or at all on Vista Home Premium, when the user is also running Windows Defender, and the paid for version of Spyware Doctor 5.5 as well as the paid for Norton Internet Security 2008. My reason for asking is that recently my paid for version of Spyware Doctor had to be recently re-installed due to a full destructive recovery of my pc and it was only then that I found out that the product that I bought from a retail store that was obviously on a disc can only be installed ONCE, even though the manufacturer claims and so does the packaging that it can be installed on upto three pc's. After this happens you have to download the application and then use your original PID from the packaging just as if you installed it as normal but you automatically end up with the 'latest and best' version - or so you might think. The version that was current when I actually made the purchase was not actually 5.5 (can't remember the version number) and it was this version that was lost when recovery had to be done. The current version - 5.5 - maybe the cause of my problem: No matter how many times I uninstall the free version of Ad-Aware 2007 from my pc and re-install it, I can not get it to successfully run a full system scan without it crashing (and giving no error messages). It will run a quick scan which is not very quick, and it will actually update most of the time without too much trouble, though I do sometimes see error messages when trying to update it. After Quick Scans it never finds anything. The last four or five times I have tried to do a full system scan it crashed with no explanation why after just a few minutes or sometimes about fifteen minutes. I know it has crashed because the time elapsed counter keeps ticking over but the other 'entries' within the GUI window do not change from the named drive, folder, file or item (including file extension e.g..gif,.jpg etc or even number of items) currently being scanned so far, and it is at this point that it crashes or just stops for no apparent reason. At this point the counter will also continue to keep ticking over for as long as I leave the application 'open or running' even if I leave it in this state for more than an hour and 45 minutes. The longest it usually took when it was actually working properly is a little over an hour and a half to complete a full scan with three drives (none of them full) with no more than 178Gb of applications, updates, videos, pictures, music and everything else combined across three actual drives including a fourth (10Gb) which is actullly the recovery partition on the main hard drive As I cannot get this application to work at a full scan properly I have come here for help. I have also contacted PC Tools support by e-mail to explain the problem I have explained here and I am awaiting their reply. The problem I have is also affecting Windows Defender in almost exactly the same way in that it also always crashes after a few minutes of trying to do a full scan and can also do a quick scan without crashing and can successfully update just like Ad-Aware 2007. The only difference is that the time elapsed counter in Windows Defender GUI does NOT keep ticking over - it sticks at the point at which the appliication crashed - but the little green squares that move from the left to the right in the 'scanning' box at the top of the GUI's window do keep moving. Nothing else happens with Windows Defender in the same way as nothing else happens at this point with Ad-Aware 2007. These problems started about the same time as I had to re-install Spyware Doctor and NIS 2007 - which would not re-install from the purchased disc - (which then had to be re-installed then updated later to 2008 for 'free' - i.e no extra subscription days but some 'extra' features - via a download). Also the way that Norton Internet Security updates seems to have changed as well and I have no idea if this is another effect of the problem. Instead of asking via a pop-up maybe twice a week if I want to download and install the 'available' updates, and there were ALWAYS updates available at this point, it now does this every single time I start up or re-start my pc and every three hours or so when the pc is in use like a few minutes ago while writing this post. It even does this when there is no updates available as evidenced when the 'live update express' finishes without often actually downloading or installing anything. This 'live update express' is itself an unchosen and unchoosable update or change to Norton Internet Security Automatic Live Update because Norton's Automatic live update feature automatically changes to this 'quicker' method without asking the user first. I do not wish to have to do another recovery of my pc so I will relay these questions to the microsoft and symantec forums as well to see if they have an answer first regarding windows defender or live update and how or if it is windows defender/live update express rather than spyware doctor or ad-aware which is 'broken'. The upshot off all this is that even though Ad-Aware 2007 will not work properly on my Vista pc it did find at least 30 'infections' in the first 2mins and 40 secs of the last full scan at which point it crashed, so I could not review or remove these 'infections'. Windows Defender Quick scan found nothing, Full scan crashed and Spyware Doctor quick and full scans found nothing either. I will try to do a full scan with NIS 2008 but that found nothing yesterday and the only sites I have been to since are the 'help' forums for these 'problem applications'. Any help anybody can give will be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, and assuming other posters can manage to read this long posting first, my thanks and my apologies in advance. Saladdin