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  1. G'day, I have just installed Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition What is the difference between a Full scan or a Profile scan If I select Full scan it goes to the Profile scan tab, why does it shift from Full to Profile scan?
  2. Casey, I thought that I had paid for Ad-Aware but the receipt PDF I found was for a 2 year period, USA$ 27.95. I looked up their current fees and they are now, Ad-Aware Pro : 1 Year USA$39.95, AU$45.54. 2year USA$53.95, AU$66.84 Ad-Aware Plus: 1 year USA$26.95, AU$33.39. 2year USA$36.38, AU$45.48 As I am an 80 yr old pensioner they are both too dear for me considering all I wanted was the automatic scan. I'll stick with the free one and manually scan once a week. A couple of weeks back the USA exchange was only 9cents in the dollar dearer, now it's 20cents dearer. This was caused by the US government bailing out their 2 big banks. This now makes a big difference when buying from America. Thanks for your help Casey, P.S. I now know how I came to have the wrong version installed. I had downloaded and saved, to my download folder, the earlier version and 2008 version. Unfortunately I installed the earlier version.
  3. Casey, After I sent my last post I realised that I had paid for AdAware some time back. I downloaded AdAware 2008 but couldn't register it as I haven't got the serial No. I have sent an email to LavaSoft to get it. In the meantime I'll use the Free version, but I don't think that the free version has 'Automatic options', as when I open AdAware 2009 Ad-watch and Automatic update are both Off The chap that re formatted my computer must have loaded the free, older version, of AdAware.
  4. Thanks Casey, I'll have a go at it this afternoon & let you know how I get on
  5. Casey, I think I know why I thought that I had the 2008 version ' The Version I have is a free version This is a reply I got from LavaSoft, created Thursday, 31 July 2008, 3:43:29 PM You are currently using an old version of Ad-Aware. Ad-Aware 2008 is now available As long as you hold a valid Ad-Aware license, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Please complete the following steps to install the newly released Ad-Aware 2008: 1. Log in at the link below to upgrade and download your copy of Ad-Aware 2008- http://www.lavasoft.com/support/supportcenter/ I downloaded 2008 & installed it but since then I had a computer fault. ( something to do with a faulty cable to, or from, the motherboard.) When I, or the chap that fixed the fault and reformatted my computer, downloaded AdAware, it couldn't have been the 2008 version. I have to go out this afternoon, Tue 9th Sept. so I will reply to your reply to this tomorrow. Is build 1.06r1 the version number?
  6. :unsure:he follow Thanks Casey, I thought that I was using Ad-Awate Pro 2008 I could not find where it gave what year I have, so I searched the Ad-Aware proferties and discovered that I am using, 'File version' On the Startup settings page the only one I have checked is: 'No Automated scanning' Not checked are: Perform smart system scan Perform full system scan Use custom settings I also have a Customise option tab I would greatly appreciate your help if I do not have the 2008 version. Unfortunately I have leave to go to the Royal Adelaide, Sth Australia, this afternoon to be admitted at 7:00am tomorrow, Sunday 7th Monday Sept, to have a few tests done before I have a small procedure done on Monday All going well I should be back home early Tuesday to read your reply.
  7. Windows XP Pro SP3 Ad-Aware Pro Build 1.06r1 I would like to know how I can alter my automatic 'Scan & update' settings. The automatic settings was set up by the chap who is now no longer available. I am 80 and I am no expert on computers. I went to 'Help' and this was part of what came up; To do this click the "Settings" button in the quick launch toolbar and go t "Startup Settings". Select the appropriate scan mode in the "Startup Scan Mode" section, Trouble I do not have the "Settings" button in the quick launch toolbar what is the best, uncomplicated, way to do this?
  8. Thanks Raziel I'll do as you suggest. Prior to getting your reply I did this this: I tried to uninstall Free Ad-Aware 2007 so I could Download and install Free Ad-Aware 2008. I went to Control Panel/Add Remove programs, highlighted Ad-Aware 2007 and clicked remove. I then went back to Control Panel/Add Remove programs and Ad-Aware 2007 wasn't listed. Then I went to Start/Programs and Ad-Aware 2007 was still listed ie: Start/Programs/Ad-Aware/ (Ad-Aware 2007/ Ad-Aware Update Manager/Uninstall Ad-Aware 2007 I then selected Uninstall Ad-Aware 2007 from 'Start/Programs' and the Windows Installer box came up with the message, "Are you sure you want to uninstall this product?" I clicked 'YES' and got this message, "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". If I then go to Start/Programs/Ad-Aware/ (Ad-Aware 2007/ Ad-Aware Update Manager/Uninstall Ad-Aware 2007 and click on 'Ad-Aware 2007, The Ad-Aware splash screen appears for a while then the Ad-Aware main screen appears. Clicking on 'Update' reveals the message that my 'Definition is up to date' If I select 'Scan' it scans OK and 'Ad-Aware 2007, is still working OK. It appears is that all I have uninstalled is Ad-Aware 2007 from Control Panel/Add Remove programs
  9. I am using the free Ad-aware 2007 ver. and want to upgrade to free Ad-aware 2007 I believe I have to remove 2007 before I download and install 2008. If I go to Start/Ad-Aware/Unistall Ad-Aware 2007 or I go to the Control Panel/Add Remove programs I get this error message Error 1316. A network error occured while attempting to read from the file: C:\Windows\Installer\WISDED53B0BB67C4244AE6AD6FD C28D1EF_7_0_2_3.MSI