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  1. I downloaded AdAware and installed it on my other PC (which also uses Avast), all ran ok there - so uninstalled it on my main PC, copied the downloaded aaw2008.exe file across from other PC and with Firewall and Avast switched off installed it (again) - went through its update routine to, definitions to 000090.0000. Then tried running Full scan again - same result, it froze doing Deep Register Scan: it takes about 30sec to get this point, at first the path is frequently changing, then it just stops (while timer continues to increment. Uploaded (from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\logs ), from latest attempt - note that one is an .xml file to which I appended .log to get it to upload ok. Let me know if there is anything else you think would be useful to look at. I have checked as to extended anti-virus engine - it is off (and as I am running the free version it does not appear to be available). Ad_Aware_20080609_16_47_47.log.xml.log Ad_Aware_event.log Update.log
  2. I have uninstalled AdAware and deleted all associated files and folders that I could easily find; and redownloaded (from a different site) and instalalled it , with firewall (Comodo) and anti-virus (Avast) software switched off (also ensured Spybot S&D not running), but still have the same problem But I must say I am extremely concerned: 1) To be advised to switch off Security (i.e. Firewall and Anti-Virus software) and 2) thet AdAware seems to be so vulnerable to corruption from firewall or antivirus software that switching these off should be a standard piece of support advice. To the extent that I wonder as to the desirability of AdAware Jeremy
  3. I have Avast anti-virus and Comodo firewall; and Super Anti-Spyware free edition (no running process visible) and Spybot-S&D (stopping its running process did not stop AD-Aware scan freezing) also for antispyware. I have notes that while AAW is scanning the registry (on either Smart or Full Scan) the aawservices process is using lots of CPU, and when it freezes, its using almost 50% on my dual processsor PC. Jeremy
  4. Thanks, have tried this, but no joy - scan (Full) froze in same area (I think the 'current path' and object count vary on different runs). As I said, a Smart Scan was successful before. Jeremy
  5. Downloaded and installed AD-Aware 2008 (Free version - today having had Ad-Aware SE (uninstalled as part of the AAW 2008 install), while I was able to do a Smart Scan ok, whenever I do a Full Scan it Freezes, while 'Deep Scanning Registry' with Current Object InprocServer32. (The timer continues to augment, but nothing else changes). I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, doing a reboot and disk cleanup along the way. On Windows XP Professional SP2. Any ideas? Jeremy