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  1. I am using Ad-Aware 9.6 with Ad-Watch disabled. I only start the program when I want to perform a manual scan and/or update Ad-Aware. Can I use version 10 like 9.6 with Norton 360?
  2. [quote name='LS Jeffery' post='125958' date='Apr 7 2011, 10:40 AM']Hello a123 Please try reboot the system, and press the update button again. If the screen is gone, and the software says it is up to date, then you are OK. Regards, Jeff - Lavasoft[/quote] I normally have [i]Ad-Aware [/i]not running. I did start [i]Ad-Aware [/i]on both computers and clicked the update button. Both computers did complete the updates for today. If I recall correctly, the XP pc showed a download window like before, but the Win7 pc showed only the status changing under the update button and the scan button. Is the status changing under the buttons something added in the updates?
  3. I updated the free version of [i]Ad-Aware [/i]on a Win7 Pro SP1 pc and a XP SP3 pc. On the Win7 pc, the updates downloaded and the [i]Ad-aware [/i]loading pop-up appeared. After 5 minutes, I tried relaunching [i]Ad-Aware [/i]and nothing happen. I decided to log out and a screen with the word background appeared and disappeared quickly. I logged back in and launched the program and clicked the updater button. The program appears to be up to date, but I do not know if the hang up and background whatever (?) screen is an issue or not. On the XP pc, I observed the same issue with the loading pop-up after the updates were downloaded. I checked Task Manager and observed the system idle process at 97 percent. The other 3 percent appeared to be for the Task Manager. I decided to do the same here and logged out of my account. I observed a pop-up for[i] Ad-Aware [/i]and then another about the program not responding. I decided to allow the program to end. Should I have any concerns as to whether [i]Ad-Aware [/i]is updated and operating correctly?
  4. ala123

    Import ?s

    Out of curiousity, I tried the import button for the definition file. I tried selecting an [i]Ad-Aware [/i]export result log and found that I can click open and not receive an error. I did try downloading a definition file. I observed that opening the file on the import window begins the import. The program window for a short period of time says "Not Responding". I have several ?s. Am I correct to assume that the import button only imports a definition file even when a different file is selected? Is the definition zip file as current as clicking the update button on the main page? Can a future version of [i]Ad-Aware [/i]give a warning box about selecting the wrong file for an import? Can a future version of [i]Ad-Aware [/i]give a successful message for manually importing a definition file?
  5. [quote name='visitor' post='121094' date='Jul 14 2010, 12:09 AM']It should be, I believe 8.3 is now in a different folder. To be sure, try moving the 2007 folder to the recycle bin or another location and see if 8.3 still works. If it does, it should be safe to delete 2007. If you don't have any other Sunbelt Software installed, it's probably part of Ad-Aware since they use Sunbelt's rootkit removal system. Can't answer this since I still run Ad-Aware AE. I don't have Norton, so can't verify - but when I run scans, I always turn off all other apps and disconnect from the internet so the scans have dedicated system resources. My full scans for AVG, Ad-Aware, Win Defender, and MS Malicious Software Removal tool all take about 90 mins for a full 80 gb drive.[/quote] Thanks for the information The manual scan appears to be taking over an hour for less than 15 gb of drive usage.
  6. Thanks to a member here, I was able to install the latest version without a service installation error. I was able to remove most of the registry entries and files for all the previous versions of [i]Ad-Aware [/i]including [i]Ad-Aware 2007[/i]. [i]Ad-Aware 2007 [/i]was uninstallable with normal Uninstall methods on this computer. I had to go through several installs and removals. I executed the removals using the suggestion from the member here. I have observed some folders that still exist and seem connected to the [i]Ad-Aware [/i]program. My first question: Is the folder [i]Ad-Aware 2007 [/i]safe to delete? My second question: Are the folder and subfolder [i]Sunbelt Software [/i]and [i]CounterSpy[/i] in C:\Documents and Settings\*****\Local Settings\Application Data connected to [i]Ad-Aware 2007 [/i]or the new verson? My third question is regarding [i]AAWTray.exe [/i]in v8.3. Is [i]AAWTray.exe [/i]no longer in the Startup List? My final question is regarding the speed of a manual full scan using v8.3 with [i]Norton 360 [/i]running. I noticed the speed issue with the previous release too. Is it normal for [i]Ad-Aware [/i]to run a scan 2 or 3 times slower with [i]Norton 360 [/i]running?
  7. ala123

    v. 8.3

    [quote name='visitor' post='120866' date='Jul 9 2010, 12:52 AM']It's usually best to uninstall the old version first. Try using Revo Free Uninstaller ( to do a clean uninstall, then install the new version with all other apps closed.[/quote] Thanks for your help. After several installs and removals, I believe that most if not all of the registry entries for all of the previous versions of Ad-Aware were removed.
  8. ala123

    v. 8.3

    I upgraded my previous version of Ad-Aware Free Edition with the installation of the new version. The installation went fine and no problems seem to happen until I checked the operating system event logs. In the event logs, I observed some errors right after the Windows Installer program ended. I observed 3 entries. The first was about the service could not be uninstalled. The second error was the service could not be installed. Finally, the third error was about the service could not start. Should I ignore these errors? I did have the previous version service running when I installed the new version. Should I reinstall over the new version with the service disabled? Any suggestions?
  9. Does TrackSweep work with IE8?
  10. I have observed log files with 0 size being created in the following directory "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs". The log files appear to be created every time the system is booted. An example of a log file name is "Scan_2009-01-30-07-30-07".
  11. Update: I reinstalled Ad-Aware AE Free without Ad-Watch and the Flash Player Settings Manager displays websites again. I did observe new log files again in the directory "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs".
  12. Flash Player Settings Manager's Privacy Screen does not display the websites visited like it should. All I observed was a blank screen. After I uninstalled Ad-Aware AE Free, the websites reappeared. I did not pay attention to the location of the log files.
  13. I have observed multiple issues with Ad-Aware AE Free. I am running on Windows XP Pro SP3. First, I noticed that the Flash Player Settings Manager does not work correctly with Ad-Aware AE Free. I can not see the Websites on the Website Privacy Page. I uninstalled Ad-Aware AE Free and the Flash Player Settings Manager now works correctly again. Also, I noticed when I had Ad-Aware AE Free running that multiple log files were created with apparently no way to control how many of these files are created. Also, I observed that the computer at times seemed slower with Ad-Aware AE Free running. The previous version of Ad-Aware worked fine. I do not know what to do. Should I try installing without installing Ad-Watch? I have used Ad-Aware for a long time, but this version seems disappointing when I lose performance and Flash Player Settings Manager not working correctly. Any advice?
  14. I would like to know how to remove Ad-Aware 2007 without getting the 1720 error. I have XP Pro with SP3, Windows Script 5.7 and Norton 360 2.0. I have tried stopping the service and shutting down the Norton Protection and Firewall and then running the uninstall, but I still get the 1720 error. I do not want to downgrade my script from 5.7 to 5.6 and I am not comfortable with running the Windows Cleanup Utility. I do not want to mess up the computer and other applications over this issue. Any suggestions?