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  1. For users saying that the fingerprint is not affected by USB drive, could you give informations about your drive as here with a Maxtor Personal Storage 3200, this is not the case! ....It is an USB 320GB and the fingerprint change when it is connected or not. Best regards. Francis
  2. This is what i already done.....BUT NO ANSWER FROM THE SUPPORT. I have log using information received when i buy the product, using Account anme and password provided by Lavasoft. I use the contact form to describe the problem, providing old fingerprint and key, providing fingerprint that i get now when i launch Ad-Aware Pro 2008. I even complete in the profile my personnal information like address, so they could verify that the address on the bill received here when i buy the product the 02 june 2008 are the same as those that i complete. BUT NO ANSWER FROM THE SUPPORT :angry: Francis Wauquier PS: 06:50pm. I just connect to my account, in cas of they change my serial and that i don't get an email... no chance, i ask by email my serial, it was always the same, i try it again....and still refused :angry: :angry: :
  3. Well, my natural language is french, but i will try to explain that i am not happy at all ! I understand that Lavasoft must fight against "pirates", but i am a registred user and i have pay for 2 years !!! It seems that the actual protection of the software take in count the hardware present on the computer, or connected to the computer. Due to my activities, i use 2 USB HD coming from Maxtor and 2 shared storage from the same company. At my registration, some drives where connected, normal, as i use automatics backup. Today, i discovered that my registration for Ad-aware 2008 Pro turn to a free version, and that i am unable to use the serial provided when i buy the product (june 2008 and for 2 years). I discover this because, depending of my connected USB drive, i get different "digital finger print", sorry, it is my translation of what i read in french on my screen. Please, first, get me access at the product for what i ahve pay.....and secondly, change the way that you use to fight piracy. Actualy, as registred user, i can't use your software !!! Francis Wauquier