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  1. cinke

    Translations V10

    Hi, I hear this sadly, and thank you for the information. I think you may close this topic. Bye
  2. cinke

    Translations V10

    Hi CeciliaB, Ok, no problem. Possibly, let me make an attempt at LS Tobias? I consulted with him earlier.
  3. cinke

    Translations V10

    Hi CeciliaB, Ok, I understand. After you release the new version, can I translate it in the translation center or there are new method for translation? I
  4. cinke

    Translations V10

    Hi, I have translated several older versions into hungarian. V9 was the last. That translation is compatible with the new version or there will be need for a new translation?
  5. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='126494' date='May 2 2011, 02:37 PM']Hi cinke, If you want Ad-Aware to scan as fast as possible it is important that you don't minimize or close Ad-Aware after starting the scan. When minimized or closed Ad-Aware tries to use the processor and memory as little as possible leaving as much resources as possible to other programs, but of course the scan will take much longer time.[/quote] Hello CeciliaB, I did'nt minimized Ad-Aware during the scan. I didn't have an opportunity for them, because the machine was unusable as soon as I started the search while it was not ready.
  6. I deleted Ad-Aware yesterday. It said: applying 594 updates, and this was through 2,5 hours. And a full system scan is a half day on a 120GB disk. I have an other free anti-virus software and it is much faster. When I click on the Ad-Aware icon, it starts 5-10 minutes after. The older version was very cool, but this...
  7. Hi guys, Topic: [url=""][/url] User: [url=""][/url] I see, I am the only one, who report the spammers Regards, Cinke
  8. Visitor, yes I have 8.3.4, but I don't understand something. I have two notebook with Ad-Aware 8.3.4. The ignore list isn't working on my work-notebook, but on my own it's working correctly. so yes, cannot be trusted its function. Cinke
  9. [quote name='rnowotny' post='123415' date='Oct 28 2010, 05:25 PM']Hello, for testing of our mailservers, I have some EICAR Test Signatures on my Harddrive, of course the ad-aware scanner recognice them as virus and quarantine them. Unfortunately there is no exclude-list were i can exclude certain directories from scanning. (at least I have not found that option) yours sincerely Ing. Robert Nowotny Vienna / Austria[/quote] Hello, after scanning, at the Scan Results screen, in the Action drop-down menu you can choose Ignore. You need the ignore list. The files that there are on the list will not be checked then. I use it, it works. I hope so I was able to help you. Cinke Hungary
  10. Hi, I think there is a new spammer in this forum. Name: [url=""]klaklala[/url] Questionable replys: [url=""];#entry123363[/url] [url=""];#entry123364[/url] [url=""];#entry123365[/url] Regards, Cinke
  11. [quote name='visitor' post='123352' date='Oct 24 2010, 07:21 PM']I moved this topic to the Ad-Aware Users forum since it may not be related to a malware infection. Cinke, I appreciate your help in the forums. However, please note that only Volunteer Security Advisors should reply to topics in the HijackThis forum: [url=""][/url] Aussieoak, if it turns out you still suspect an infection, I'll move this back or you can repost an updated HJT log later.[/quote] I'm sorry, I didn't want to try to be clever.
  12. Start menu>run>msconfig, and the services tab look for Lavsoft Ad-Aware service, and check it. I don't see AAwareservices.exe in running process list. So this message is normal. Or try Start menu>run>services.msc and right-click on the Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service, properties, and set the start type: Automatic. Then restart your system. Good luck, Cinke
  13. [quote name='myownboss' post='123237' date='Oct 15 2010, 10:12 PM']I can't speak for Lavasoft, but in military time, the day stops at 2400. Ihe next minute is 0001. there is no such time as 2401.[/quote] I've tried with 24:30 and 00:30, but no difference in effect.
  14. [quote name='visitor' post='123227' date='Oct 15 2010, 04:47 PM']Make sure you're in advance mode before accessing the scheduler. Also, you need to click the "+" button to create/name the scheduled scan. After it appears on the list, highlight it, and you should be able to set the schedule. Let me know if this works before I report it as a bug.[/quote] I've tried now. This doesn't work.
  15. cinke

    Files log?

    If the files are in the Ad-Aware quarantine, try to restore the files, and reboot your system. If the files have already deleted, you have to expand they from the operating system install disk.