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  1. thnx for your help casey & Txnnok! I just updated to ad aware 2008 so I'm pretty sure I can't go back & check my log for the previously version that I removed. My main concern is that the objects are gone. I've ran several full scans with ad aware 2008 & it hasn't detected anything.
  2. i was running a full scan on my computer this morning & I thought that it was taking too long so I went to stop scan. I clicked on it & nothing happened so since I'm impatient I kept clicking on it & nothing happened. Now here's my question, up to that point I had 36 items detected that needed to be removed. So I restarted Adaware again so that I could clean those 36 items off & it finished a full scan & said it didn't detect any? What happened? Were the infections removed automatically when I pressed "stop scan"?