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  1. Spyware programs set to collect and distribute user information secretly download and execute on users’ workstations. Adware displays advertisements and other commercial content often based upon personal information retrieved by spyware programs.Spyware is any software which employs a user’s Internet connection in the background (the so-called ‘backchannel’) without their knowledge or explicit permission. Despite this vague comprehension of the essence in spyware, all descriptions include two central aspects. The degree of associated user consent, and the level of negative impact they impair on the user and their computer system And I very much did do research as to the definition of adware and spyware,I've given you what I believe defines it.You odviously have a different view, and are intiteled.I don't care how its justified , recouping cost,etc,its still doing something without permission from the consumer, free,paid version, doesn't matter, I installed Ad-Aware "without knowing" I'd be installing advertising pop ups,and I don't know what else I may have installed,how do I know its not harmful,how does any consumer know that because the company Lavasoft advertises for says so! You had one pop up? I had 2 pop ups, thats 3 pop ups too many no matter how you look at it its wrong. Yes I know I don't qualify for any help from Lavasoft in the support , but I send my emails to them directly to "all their departments" , figuring one or the other will reply.I'm not asking for technical assistance so I don't need that department, I found atleast 4 email addresses just by looking hard enough. We may differ on what we believe is spyware and adware, but putting all definitions aside, there is the one sure thing that we know is wrong here, no pop ups should have never been installed on any consumers computers without the consumers full "knowledge,and consent". When your a program that is specifically designed to prevent such things , and then you do what your designed to stop others from doing I just can't imagine ever having any trust in that program again. Better that Lavasoft should have come out before the release of this and just say it straight out , we're including pop up advertising in our free version because we need the money to keep being able to put that free program out there.Be upfront with consumers, give them "a choice".
  2. Your absolutely right, and the thing is I once had alot of faith in this program, ran it for years. Lavasoft has not answered one of my emails, and I sent one to several different departments, but in reality how can they explaine this, I don't believe anything they'd say now could be acceptable. They're a program designed specifically to prevent, and remove adware,spyware,etc, and in the end they've becomes what they're saying they fight against. I say shame on you Lavasoft !. I don't care free or not, in the "accepts terms", which I always read from top to bottom, nothing is even hinted that you'd be installing ads along with the Ad-aware, I think at the very least the consumer should have that choice to make, to go ahead and take the program even with all the ads, or to say no to anykind of adware. And no matter what anyone says this is a program now thats bundled with adware,spyware. I took it off my computer,and I'm advising all the people that I know to do the same.
  3. Definition of adware,spyware. Adware or advertising-supported software is any software package which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertising material to a computer after the software is installed on it or while the application is being used. Some types of adware are also spyware and can be classified as privacy-invasive software. I would really like a explanation from Lavasoft as to why this occurred, when I , and others installed the Ad-Aware 2008 nowhere in the terms of agreement was there mention of advertising pop ups..We didn't give our consent,as we didn't know. Doesn't anyone think its odd that a adware program designed to prevent adware, now comes with adware.I'm really confused here, and very dissappointed. At the very least we should have had a choice as to whether we wanted this or not. Lavasoft? Any words on this? I just got an email from the Carbonite company,who ad-aware is advertising for within the ad-aware 2008 program, here is their explanation. Hello and thank you for contacting Carbonite Customer Support. Ad-aware 2008, in order to remain a free product, is ad supported. Ad-aware will prevent and remove malicious software from your computer but does require funding in order to provide their current level of service. As such, they have integrated ads into their program that are completely harmless to your computer. In order to support Lavasoft as well as spread the word about our online back up solution, we have purchased ad space within this program. I apologize for the frustration. If you believe that these advertisements detract from the Ad-aware functionality and company mission, I would suggest contacting their marketing and/or technical support department to discuss this. From Mark Carbonite Customer Support www.carbonite.com Backup. Simple. I have received no reply from Lavasoft regarding this!
  4. Today while I was checking for a definitions update, a pop up occured down in the lower right corner of my taskbar, asking me to get some back up program, which directed me to lavasoft What I'd like to know is since when did ad-aware do pop ups, I thought the whole purpose of a antispyware program is to stop antispyware. I don't know if this will happen again, but I can tell you I'm not happy with it at all. I have the Ad-Aware 2008 free version, and only installed it afew days ago. This was my second update... Is this what we're to expect from ad-aware, or will someone look into this and find out why, and how this occured.