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  1. How can I get rid the 2o7 cookie of for good? After each scan I specify that Ad-Aware AE removes 2o7 but it always comes back. Does 2o7 recreate itself? Can new instances of 2o7 be blocked with LS Personal Firewall? If so, what are the proper settings. Stan Hilliard
  2. What is the method of temporarily turning off Lavasoft Personal Firewall? I tried to turn it off for an experiment by right-clicking the firewalls system-tray icon and selecting "suspend protection..." -- but I don't think that completely shut the firewall down. I wanted to see if the above-mentioned download would crash the computer with the firewall turned off. The computer did crash, but upon reboot the Lavasoft displayed the usual messagebox asking me to allow it to send information to Lavasoft. (I did.) That implies to me that the firewall was somehow involved in the crash. (Unless it was from one of the other lavasoft products -- Adaware aor Adwatch.) How can I completely shut down the firewall? (and Adwatch?) Stan Hilliard
  3. I didn't see anything that I recognized in the event viewer but here is a clue: I have been experimenting using two links to different files (440 mb and 100 mb) of the same 1 hour video. The larger file is from the feed that now crashes my computer (it used to work) and the smaller file downloads OK through the other feed. THE FEED THAT NOW CRASHES. 440 mb files containing 1 hour program. Web Page: This link used to work. Now when I attempt to download a video XP restarts. THE FEED THAT DOWNLOADS OK 90-125 mb files containing 1 hour program Web page: Downloads videos with no problem
  4. I made those for both Miro.exe and Miro_downloader.exe. It still fails. Here is a small part of Miro.log. My next test will be to switch back to the windows firewall and try to download the video with that. I will post the results. Stan Hilliard
  5. Personal Firewall v3.0 blocks/crashes my Miro Internet TV during video download. When I first installed the trial firewall the symptom was the PC would reboot shortly after starting a video download with Miro. So I reinstalled Miro.exe. During the installation of Miro the Firewall asked me if it should be allowed to operate over network/Internet (I don't remember which). Yes. Now when Miro starts to download a video it does not reboot the PC but it produces an error and Windows XP-Pro asks permission to send info to Microsoft. Yes. Does anyone else run Miro with Lavasoft Personal Firewall? Stan Hilliard
  6. I tried to update to SP3 a number of months ago and the update failed. I will try again.
  7. I am using the Pro version. I posted my message to the support center. Stan Hilliard
  8. In v8.0.4 I click [Extras] [Tool Box] [AutoStart Manager][start][OK] This produces an Error Messagebox with this error: Unexpected Error Unknown Error What could be causing this? OS=Windows XP-Pro SP2 Stan Hilliard
  9. Thanks for following up on this. I have two thoughts. 1) If the detection was a false positive, what could be's reason for wanting to be informed when I go on-line? 2) Wordpress offers free blogs in subwebs. Mine is here: Could it be that one of the hundreds/thousands of subwebs at IP is malicious?
  10. The Ad-Watch Live component of my Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition popped up a message titled "Network Connection Blocked - Ad-Watch Live has blocked Firefox.exe from connecting to a malicious website: I Googled that DNS and found that is owned by Interestingly, I created a free blog on less than a week ago. Ad-Watch does not pop up when I go to my own blog. The same message has occurred three times. Does anyone have an idea as to what is happening?
  11. In a topic that was closed yesterday: the following recommendation is given for stopping popups caused by normal running of Internet Explorer: Ad-Aware I can open the Ad-Watch window by click on the Ad-Watch icon in the taskbar. I can click on Regshield. But where is "Go to Trusted Programs"? I can't find that option.
  12. When I try to update Windows XP to SP3 the update fails with the message "Access Denied". I am wondering if Ad-aware/Ad-watch ever changes the system registry & file permissions? I shut down these programs before starting the SP3 install process.
  13. I am trying to interpret the notifications and Ad-Watch status windows. After booting the PC, the Notifications window says 7 notifications queued. The first is cisvc.exe (1720). Q1- What does the (1720) meam? Q2 - The Ad-Watch status "total events"=4 and RegShield=4. Why don't they equal the notifications (7)? Q3 - If I allow or deny cisvc.exe to change HKLM SOFTWARE\Classes\.com, will that be a one time decision? Will Ad-Watch remember that same decision the future or will it ask again next time? Q4 - How can I look at all 7 notifications without making decisions and then get back to the current queue. Q5 - When I minimized Ad-Watch and right clicked its icon "lock the taskbar" was checked. Why did Ad-Watch lock the taskbar?
  14. I have the same question about Ad-Watch except that I usually use Firefox but sometimes IE. I installed Pro today and I have 101 notifications queued so far. Q1 -What is the best way to investigate a specific process. For example, the process winlogon.exe. I googled that name and found that the dll form is good and the exe form is bad. I have the exe. But there seems to be contradictory opinions on web pages and many of the pages are selling. Q2 - Does Lavasoft have a list of good/bad processes? Q3 - Does anyone have an opinion about what are the best sources of data and which to trust and which to not-trust. Advice will be appreciated, Stan Hilliard