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  1. Thanks, it did work, but I had to run 2007 from the Geeks' download window. It uninstalled during the run process. Wouldn't work if I downloaded and then tried to do anything from my computer. I am currently downloading 2008.
  2. Stopped ad-aware but got the same result when trying to uninstall. However, when I opened the Common Files Installer, the folder contained ...7_0_2_6.msi instead of the 7_0_2_7 the program was looking for. I could not find a copy of 2007 to download.
  3. Ad-aware 2007 will not open today. Indicates "skin file error 19811. Description: cannot load graphics." Cannot uninstall to permit reinstall because of "Component: TFormAAW, Access violation at address 005B1845 in module Ad-Aware 2007.exe." Also got a window stating that the path to WSDED53B0BB67c4244ae6ad6fd3c28d1ef-7_0_2_7.msi folder could not be found. Tried downloading 2008 but could not w/o uninstalling 2007. What to do? Any help would be appreciated. Mod. Edit. Deleted your duplicate topic. Casey