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  1. Dear Lavasoft, I have been using your ad-aware product for quite some time and i have never been let down by its performance, though lately i can seem to be using it, as my latest edition was 2007 and after hard work i seem to was able to get rid of it (in order to install the newer and better one). I cant seem to find add aware in my add/remove application (i have used many uninstallers including deleting manually files related to it). But now each time i am trying to install ad-aware 20008 or 2007 in the end before it "registers product" it suddenly makes a "roll back" and i get the message: "Fatal Error, the installation was ended prematurely because of an error", not specifying what the error is. I don't know what to do now, as i get the same thing over and over again, and i cant seem to find anything related to ad-aware on my computer. please help me out so our co-working can continue as i still have some belief in your program.
  2. Yes i have tried to reinstall and its the same, he makes a roll back and keep the program the way it was before, it keeps saying "installation ended prematuraly because of an error" and the title is "fatal error" no number no nothing thx
  3. Hey there, i am trying to install aw-aware 2008 as i am quite pleased with the free version of as-aware 2007 uptill today. it seems each time i am trying to remove it, it makes a roll back and asks me again to remove, i have tried removing it from add/remove panel tried microsoft ccleaner tried add remove pro program but each time it stays, after the microsoft ccleaner it seems to have done some change but each time it get to the end of the 2008 install it makes the same roll back and doesnt let me delete some files manually from adaware, i have deleted most of the directory by hand but the services icon and licence files keep staying plz help me so i can install aw-aware 2008