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  1. I really messed something up. I ran vundo and then combofix after reading instructions for what seemed like a similar problem to mine. After combofix ran, I now get this message about the system file being corrupted and I can't boot back up. I'm using my work laptop to get to you now. See my previous posting on Hijackthis. I apparently got rid of the trojan and the antispycheck s/w sales pitch but was concerned that stuff was still hanging around that would come back to haunt. Nobody responded to me so I tried the vundo and combofix using very recent instructions. guess i shouldn't have. Anyway, I can't run my desktop computer, backup my files or get any log files. H-E-L-P ! thanks. BTW, I have the restore DVD but basically it says I'll have to wipe out the c:drive to get XP back. Can't do that; not yet ! Mod. Edit. Moved. Casey Hopefully someone who specializes in using combifix may be able to help you here.
  2. I've added the Ad-Aware 2007 log from a full scan I did this morning. Here tis: Ad_Aware_2007_6_20_08.log
  3. I did find files in c:\program files\web technologies. 9 files were there and I deleted 8 of then and renamed the other one which is in use. Rebooted and the Security 7.1 toolbar at the top went away buti I still have this alternating icon in the bottom right hand toolbar. I'll try safe mode to see if I can lose that one too. Still worried I have files I don't know about. Any

  4. I must have hit a website that downloaded trojans and more. Mcafee caught some of it but now I can't do much of anything online. Running very slowly now. I have this "new" toolbar that says Security Toolbar 7.1 with a bunch of other stuff on it and I can't get rid of it. I have run Mcafee full scan, Registry Mechanic and Ad-Aware 2007. They found many bad files but still not fixed. Help !