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  1. ================================================================ any chance that Lavasoft is working to include Firefox 3 in adaware? it would be very very useful. thx!
  2. ================================================================ Txnnok: thx for your reply and your acknowledgement. yes, it is so easy to misunderstand without the benefit of facial/hand expressions/gestures, voice intonations, etc. well, it's great that they are "working on it" but whoever LS Calamity Jane is, she appears to be rather legit as an employee/insider of Lavasoft. so when she said first Quarter 2009, sigh... i sort of feel like she may be one of the few folks here on these forums (or is it fora?) who really has good info on scheduling!
  3. ========================================================================= Txnnok: There is a misunderstanding. A complete misunderstanding. you wrote: "... but there is no need to be insulting" I meant nothing of the sort. I meant to say that it is very helpful to have your clarification, as well as the clarification of others who wrote in this thread, to help me, someone with little technical understanding of these things, understand this area/topic further and help me gain a deeper understanding. Please re-read what I wrote and I hope you'll see that I did not mean it at all, whatsoever, to be "insulting". Oh my gosh, it is easy, especially when one does not see body language or expressions, to sometimes, have a miscommunication. I hope that I have adequately clear that up! That said, at this point, I'm wondering what I ought to do between now and next April when Ad-Aware 2009 will come out, which will support Firefox 3! Sigh...
  4. ============================================================ Txnnok: thank you for your clarification. it helps to have a deeper understanding. I am referring to Post #13 by casey_boy. please refer to it above. this is a partial quote from what he posted: "...The Development Team confirms that Firefox 3.0 will be supported in the next generation release of Ad-Aware (Planned for first quarter 2009). Until then, users of FF3 can easily control cookies within the browser features ..." this quote, according to casey_boy, is from an "official Lavasoft quote". please see this: "QUOTE(LS CalamityJane @ Jul 17 2008, 01:01 PM)". I assume that casey_boy knows somehow that LS CalamityJane is an official (probably is correct as "LS" probably indicates Lavasoft official?). in this case, then it appears that LS Calamity Jane is clearly saying that Lavasoft is NOT working on ANY fixes UNTIL 2009, specifically, she said that it is "planned for 1Q 2009". Well, that is 10 months from now!! sigh.
  5. ============================================================ casey_boy: thx so much for the diligence in finding that "official" word. well, i am extremely disappointed, to say the least. to ask us to wait till next year is just a bit unusual. one year with no protection in this daily-used browser part of our PC is a VERY long time. unfortunately, Lavasoft/ad-aware has forced us/me into now launching into a search for a better alternative, therefore abandoning the trusty ad-aware. after gaining such an incredible name for themselves with ad-aware, it's a bit unusual to "abandon" around 25% of the market share just because "...they are too busy with another new product introduction". that is like sinking a KNOWN quantity, i.e. their ad-aware product, in order to put their "bets" on an unknown product, i.e. their new antivirus. i do not believe that the firefox user base is that small to simply toss away willy nilly like that. it would engender unhappy feelings toward the company. i wonder if i'm the only one feeling this way or are all firefox 3 users as disappointed as i am? thx for letting me vent my own disappointment.
  6. ================================================ Not to be disrespectful, but i entered "FF3" (no quotes) in the search and receive nothing. I then entered "Firefox 3" and once again, received nothing. May I kindly ask what you're suggesting and what I'm doing incorrectly? thank you in advance.
  7. Txnok: thx for your pointer. i'm not very good at this but i do understand exactly what you're suggesting. i do have a follow up question though: how would one know what cookies are "desirable to keep" and what cookies ought to be erased? there are many that i found and some are from obvious sites that i visit often. others are not really that intuitively obvious to me. thx in advance!
  8. while i'd like to believe that what you wrote is true, i seriously doubt it. for a long time, probably a year or so, using Firefox 2 and Ad-Aware 2007 had "produced" or found 40+ items to remove each time i checked/scanned, and that was around once every day or several days. sometimes, there would be over 100 items!! i cannot believe that Firefox 3 would block them all. what i suspect is happening is that Firefox 3 has changed it's file name for saving this cookie information and, as a result, Lavasoft/Ad-Aware 2008 has not yet kept up with this latest development and Ad-Aware 2008 is still only looking at the folder names where Firefox 2 used to be storing the info. i hope this won't go on for too much longer because my current scans produce virtually nothing via Ad-Aware 2008. sigh.
  9. ========================================================================================== With no reply from the forum administrators or Lavasoft officials, and a couple of other threads saying the same thing re: Firefox 3.0 not compatible with 2008 Ad-Aware, I wonder if it means that Lavasoft is not working on this or focusing on this?
  10. ========================================================================================= Mmm...re: my Firefox 3.0 crashing: i have TWO firefox browsers open at all times, each browser has 7-12 tabs running. i'm wondering if i'm being excessive and just didn't think too much about it? or, am i actually being reasonable and Firefox 3.0 still has a bug? thx again for your info/advice. hope Lavasoft would answer soon!
  11. ============================= Txnnok: thx for pitching in! I have a feeling that the Ad-aware guys are really up to date and quick about these things, especially when Firefox now commands roughly 25% of the market share. Maybe they are inundated with other work? Let's hope they look at this and work on this significant, missing part! Anyway, thanks, Lavasoft/Ad-aware for putting out a good product!
  12. Dear Sir/Madam: I have just downloaded Firefox 3.0 and using it for several days. I noticed that when I use Adaware 2008 now, it does not find ANY cookies whatsoever! I'm certain that it has to do with Adaware NOT knowing where the Firefox 3.0 files are since it is new. May I kindly ask when Adaware plans to provide an update? I believe that around 25% of the market uses Firefox so it is substantial. Thank you in advance! You guy have a wonderful tool and it is a great service to us all. I hope the update to include Firefox 3.0 is coming soon!
  13. ================================= Hi Niels, thank you for your prompt reply. i think there's a typo in the 2nd paragraph and, as a newbie and not that great in tech, i'm sorry but i don't exactly follow what the 2nd paragraph says. it is this part: "...To avoid this issue you can check the opion unload modules and unload browser while scanning. Open Ad-Aware go to the settings section,scanning,under cleaning options you will find them press on save otherwise you will be asked to save it." I don't quite understand this quoted part. So, I need to check which "opion unload modules? was it supposed to be "options" or "open unload modules"? when you mentioned "unload browser while scanning", i think you meant to CLOSE browsers while scanning? also, you said to open ad-aware, go to settings, under scanning, and under cleaning options, i am supposed to do what? again, i'm sorry but i'm not that good at this so i sort of need really specific, detailed pointers otherwise, i'm afraid that i'd make an important mistake!! oh, btw, for your information, i typically have 2 firefox browers open but EACH one of the 2 firefox browsers would have at least 6-10 tabs of different websites open, almost at all times. Is this a very bad practice? Is this to be avoided? it is very convenient for me because firefix can remember these tabs so after i shut down the computer, go to bed, the next morning, whatever sites i was on the previous day are still there so there's no hunting around. this is especially true for things that are like lower in priority (in terms of what i like to do for a particular day) so those tabs/sites might stay there for days and days before i really get to those sites! so the tabs are sort of a convenient reminder. thanks again and sorry to be asking again about the same issue.
  14. =============================== Niels et al, may i ask why one MUST close the browsers? prior to ad aware 2007 (i.e. 2006 version), i never encountered this. only after adaware 2007 and now, 2008, is this happening. it would be great to understand the reasoning behind this. thanks in advance and look forward to hearing your explanation and the explanation of others. thx all!
  15. Hello All: I'm using and noticed that i get a number of Tracking Cookies each time. if i try to re-scan right away, strangely, the same number comes right back. i have scanned and re-scanned about 5 times in a row and each and every time, the same number of things come back. may i ask if anyone has any ideas as to what is wrong? this cannot be good! FYI: the 2007 Ad-Aware did that too frequently but i do not recall the 2006 Ad-Aware doing that. Does this provide any clues? thx in advance!