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  1. Thank you LS Calamity Jane (cool nick) and also casey_boy for helpfull hints. I'm very happy and this forum got all the answer you may need for helping yourself in Ad Aware 2009 features. A+ Bugmen
  2. I would like to thank all Lavasoft Team work for their great support. You fix my problem in few hours and this is amazing!! I receive an email with all instructions and you reset my activation with outstanding service quality. Many thanks to all of you. You are the best !! ps: Sorry for the grammar error in the post title. I would like to say "resolved" A+
  3. Hi everyone! I receive on May 05/2008 the serial number for the beta conclusion. I install Lavasoft 2008 Pro on my desktop machine and the application run very well until today when I make a change. This morning I uninstall Lavasoft 2008 Pro on my desktop machine because I already have a good spyware protection with my antivirus program and It slow the machine because of two antispyware program. I purchase a laptop (Sony Vaio) and on a fresh Vista installation, I would like to install Lavasoft AdAware Pro 2008 on this laptop but as soon I try to activate the software, I have the following message "Registration_Status_Reactivation_Fingerprint_Change. Fingerprint digital 590B7212. I attach a screenshot. I'm very sad, can you help me to fix this issue ? I check all the FAQ and nothing about this error message. I install it only on single machine such as a new Laptop. I got the program free as a reward for beta testing. I had a disease so I didn't go on my desktop to much, but now with my laptop I can stay in bed and use my laptop but without Lavasoft Pro 2008, I feel insecure. Now It's says that I have the free version... I had 325 days left or something when I uninstall It so I don't want to loose the privilege you gave to me. Any help will be appreciate. I post on the old forum and I was sent here. I heard about a form to fill it out. I still have my email with S/N. Thanks in advance. Best regards Alain Gauthier