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  1. I did finally manage to get the installation to work by installing only the first component of the product. Then after THAT was installed, everything I did took several minutes. Click on email, several minutes until it comes up. Click on ANYthing, several minutes until it comes up. After about an hour, I finally managed to bring up the Control Panel and then Add/Remove Programs. I am happy to report that I have successfully uninstalled Ad-Aware and now my computer WORKS again. Of course, the task of removing money from my bank account to pay for this "product" worked superbly. IT WILL BE A [b]VERY[/b] COLD DAY IN HELL WHEN I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH LAVASOFT AGAIN.
  2. I am trying to install the Ad-Aware product I bought and downloaded just today. The installation program seemed to start up normally, then I got a screen that says "The program is being configured. This may take several minutes." Well, at this point it's been like that for over TWO HOURS and it really doesn't seem like this can be correct. The disk indicator light keeps flashing, so SOMEthing is happening, but it looks to me like the program is stuck in an infinite loop or something. Does anyone know anything about this? Should I abort the installation program and try it again? Is there some system setting or situation that could cause this?
  3. I don't understand. The link you provided takes me to a post about something called vmware.exe which is referred to as a virtual machine. I don't know what this has to do with the problem I have with getting a response from the internet browser. Perhaps this is not the link you intended to provide?
  4. I installed the trial version of Personal Firewall 3. Everything appeared to work just fine. After rebooting, I checked out the various activity windows in the product; again everything appeared normal. HOWEVER, when I attempted to use the internet browser, no matter what site I attempted to access, it never went through, it just sat there forever saying "connecting". I looked in the Firewall 3 windows again, but nothing seemed to indicate any problem. Then I turned off "web control" or whatever it's actually called, STILL "connecting" forever. Then I told Firewall 3 that Iexplore.exe was to be trusted completely. STILL "connecting" forever. The only thing that makes the internet browser work again is to uninstall the Personal Firewall 3 software. I used the Personal Firewall 1.0 for a long time with no problems at all. Now I have a new computer and I went to try version 3.0 and this happens. I am running Windows XP Pro with service pack 3. Also Avast, which Firewall 3 recognized and which it seems to be coexisting with happily. The various Firewall 3.0 windows seem to indicate that plenty of internet activity is going on, but for some reason I can't use the browser. I am not too impressed with Personal Firewall 3.0 at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I could try to get this wonderful product to actually work?