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  1. My version of AdAware became corrupted so I went to install the newest version, Adaware 10. However, I run Norton also, so I stopped the installation of AdAware 10. I see that I can continue to use 9.6, however, I don't have the install file for that version anymore. Can a link to AdAware 9.6 be posted here? This is urgent, since I am now without AdAware in any version. Thanks.
  2. I'm having a similar issue (AdAware stuck), but it doesn't involve an install or reinstall issue. More accuractely, a computer I'm networked to is having this problem. I've disconnected the network. We're using Vista, plus Ad Aware 2007. Sometimes the scan sticks, and can't be stopped through the "stop scan" button. Nothing else is running on the computer, and I can access other programs, so the computer itself isn't hung up. The Task Manager does NOT indicate that AdAware is "not responding" so the problem seems to be a hang-up internal to AdAware. We don't want to interrupt the scan even though it's into 4 hours, because a critical object was found on one computer while the computers were networked and we want to make sure that it isn't also on my coworkers machine. On the machine that had the critical object (the machine is NOT the one with the problem), a scan with Norton Antiviirus and SPybot turned up clean. This problem has occurred in the past when no critical object was involved. The Definitions are completley up to date. Need a quick response because work flow has been interrupted! Thanks.