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  1. This happened again, with definitions 0098.0000 - 17 hours, and I had to use Process Explorer to kill the UI process and the service. My other thread (Scans never end) has been closed, but it's the same issue as here and certainly needs attention.
  2. I believe I had the same problem. Perhaps it is due to the definitions 0098.0000 back to 97 or even a couple of versions prior, from my experience. See my post Scans never finish
  3. Update: Running a scan for the 3rd time this morning, it actually completed and I was able to remove those mildly naughty cookies. This has frustrated me for the past 10 days. Unresolved cause - I hope it does not reappear!
  4. (sorry, multiple errors described here - I have no patience to separate them given the frustrating experience I have with Ad-Aware) I have 108 days left on my license, the engine version is, and each time I attempt a scan I make sure that the data definitions file has been updated - now 0098.0000 (though that's another consistent bug in the software - see below). My system is a 2 year old P4 system, Windows XP SP3, all patches, AVG anti-virus. Whether I use the Smart Scan option, or use a very limited Custom Scan, the two progress indicators will run to completion but the scan does not finish. I have left it up to 24 hours, before cancelling the application (using the X in top right corner, because the Stop Scan button does not work). The Current Object is blank. The Current Section is always the last (can't remember wording - ? unspecified folders?) And also, for the first time ever (just now, in running a scan to ascertain the correct UI labels to put into this message) I received a runtime error: Component: TFormAAW Message: missing close tag in element Detailed. (I repeated this to see what was actually happening at the time. Since 10mins have now elapsed, it does not appear to have reoccurred). Unfortunately, Ad-Aware is totally useless for my system. I think I will have to uninstall it and make use of the existing protection from Windows Updates and AVG Anti-virus. On startup (checks for updates) ------------------------------------ Pink warning message: Cannot connect to web update server. Server is busy. [ then, if I click for a manual update, and a new definitions file is found: sometimes get the definitions file version (Current version:) displaying 0000.0000