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  1. I just read in another thread where you posted that nothing will be done for FF3 this year, Or even with this version. I am confused now. Will the FF3 update be included in the update at the quarter, or not.....or maybe??
  2. Just ran AdAware '08 and completed a scan in 49 minutes. Much better than previous tries. I have had no problems what so ever with AdAware '08 other than the slow scan times. (KNOCK, KNOCK on wood....)
  3. Thanks for the heads up gelert. I have Vista 32 bit and have no issues, but I have relatives that seem to call me when they have a problem. I expect a call any minute from my wife's ex-step mom (They are pretty close)
  4. I absolutely loved AdAware 2007 and suggested it to many friends. I have always used the free version and have been very happy. After using 2008 and taking over an hour to complete a scan (compare to less than 20 minutes with 2007) I don't think I will be recommending it to anyone. I have a couple of other spyware scanners and a real time spyware blocker that will keep me clean. I will keep checking back and will occasionally update and try 2008, but until this problem is fixed I won't be recommending it to anyone. Does AdAware still support 2007? Can I get it anyware? Thought I should post up some specs on my laptop. Dell inspiron 1501 Processor- AMD Turion 64x2 Mobil Technology TL-58 1.9GHz RAM- 2GB Vista 32 bit