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  1. I know that Endpoint is supposed to do the same thing, but in my experience with Ad-Aware I know that AAW catches things that Symantec products ignore. I used to use Symantec on my home computers, but ran into similar problems with incompatibilites, and besides, AAW will run in about a third of the time that any of Symantec's products will.
  2. I tried updating to AAW 2008 on computers at work, but Symantec Endpoint blocks the aawservice.exe from running. Haven't been able to find a work around to allow the .exe to run, so I uninstalled and went back to AAW 2007. No matter what I try, (adding to firewall rules, disabling Endpoint, etc) AAW won't run a scan, just sits there 'waiting for scanner'. If someone knows a way to work around this, it would be great, but until I can determine how to get this to run with Endpoint, I'll just use 2007 (without updating) and probably eventually stop using this product.