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  1. I installed Adaware free and did a scan on my pc, running winXP home. The scan showed some detected items for a few seconds then it disappeared into an icon in my system tray. The systray icon shows several options, including "show detected objects" but i cannot open it to delete the detected items. It just flashes on the screen for a second and then disappears. When I delete the Adaware icon in the tray and reopen Adaware adaware, it says that a scan has never been done yet. I used add/remove to delete Adaware and downloaded it again. it does the same thing. Any idea's to help me?? Thank you. If this is the wrong forum for this problem, please direct me to the correct place. thx. Mel
  2. thx for your help and advice. I did manage to remove the old ad-aware programs and to install the free new version. I am running a smart scan now and it seems fine. thank you all for your kind assisstance. It is very valuable, especially to an old codger who is not real puter literate. thx and please be well.
  3. Dell Dimension desktop pc, Windows xp. In my add/delete programs part of control panel, I have 2 different LavaSoft programs A. Ad-aware S E Personal B. Ad-aware 2007 I am cleaning up and making space. Can anyone tell me which one is current and/or which one to delete?? The icon on my desktop says it is ad-aware 2007. Does that mean that it is the current one being used? thx for any help. Swellmel