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  1. The problem is back again. Definition update 0145.001 dated 21/1/09 worked fine but the error has returned again with the update dated 28/1/09 - I don't know what the version number is. Does anyone have a handle on what is different between the updates that work and the ones that don't?
  2. Back in June 2008 I installed AA2008 free and let it get all of the updates. Then I ran a full scan and found that it froze after 30 seconds checking the file inprocserver32. After 5 minutes of nothing happening I had to use task manager to stop the process, aawservice.exe from memory, which was running at 50% utilization. I tried a couple more times with the same result and then gave up, deleted AA2008 and re-installed AA2007 free. I ran AA2007 to see if it was also affected but it ran to completion with no problems. I plan on staying with AA2007 at this stage until AAW2009 comes out. I will give AAW2009 a trial and, if it works, will switch over to it - if it doesn't then I will stay with AW2007 for as long as it continues to work.
  3. Definition update 0144.000 was released a day of so ago. I downloaded it, installed it and tried AAW2007 again. Whatever the problem was with the definition files 0143.0xx has been fixed with 0144.000 as AAW2007 ran as before without any problems showing up. As I suspected the problem was caused by the definition file. Many thanks to Lavasoft for fixing the problem.
  4. I may be missing the point here but the cause of the problem is the current def file. Until I loaded the latest 0143.008 def file AAW2007 ran fine with none of the problems that I was seeing with AAW2008. I just tried 0143.009 and had the same problem. I was able to revert to the original def file afetr some time waiting for the error report to be sent etc but the def file I now have is dated 11/2007. Is it possible to download an earlier def file - maybe 0142.000 and try that as whatever my previous def file was it worked without the Unhandled Exception error that I am getting with the 0143.009 def file?