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  1. connected to the network during the reinstall... download manager worked great this time. no problems (you used to have a problem that the app during installation confirmed that everything was updated even though the download mgr was <not> finished downloading and installing the latest updates...and then rebooting). I have a 156kbit connection not broadband so it takes awhile. _______________ apologize for the typo in the statement above. the installer thought the app was done installing prematurely. the download mgr was busy downloading and installing updates and wasn't complete yet due to a non-broadband network connection. the other thing I would like to mention... is that during a new reinstall, the download mgr doesn't get everything the first time. you always have to run the app again after the first reboot and run the download mgr again. maybe that's how things start getting confused. then later on we you run the download mgr again and there's a bad handshake things go to hell in a handbasket. just a thought. good luck. please help with previous post (long). If you need debugging info I will try to provide. running xpsp3 with all patches and v814 <with some patches> )
  2. did a full deinstall using add/remove programs pulled down your v814 and did a reboot and clean install. connected to the network during the reinstall... download manager worked great this time. no problems (you used to have a problem that the app during installation confirmed that everything was updated even though the download mgr was finished downloading and installing the latest updates...and then rebooting). I have a 156kbit connection not broadband so it takes awhile. ______________ ran the new program <one time> using live update. app updated to v814 def file 0149.0106. ran the program a <second time> today <several days later> and the download mgr says network connection error -3. _______________ nothing has changed in my system. except for the v814 new install. had the problem with v813 and v814. will download again and hope I get the new definitions file 0149.0142 or 0149.0145? whatever... it is a real problem trying to get the definition updates online through the download mgr (when you are trying to fix it). so what is your error-3? trying to help with this... _______________ when this happend with norton nis... the gave us installer as a hotfix that we could download directly from our support account and apply that to our system - so that we could keep our updates working while they figured out what was going on... can you guys do that... please. please lend some insight on this problem. I think the download mgr has messed up the update and then the server can't handshake with the app client. there ought to be a way to zero out the definitions file database and reset back to where we were at a clean install (not the program mind you... but the defintions database). that would let us run the download mgr and get one good clean update ________________ if we were left to that.. that would bearable. but having to do a full deinstall then clean reinstall every time we want to get <one> definitions file update is a reall pain. please assist.
  3. please see previous post and thread... adaware kicks in a takes just about 100% cpu especially coming up during reboot. I've delayed norton nis 2010 to wait 15 mins. my system was scanned by norton, spysweeper and adaware v813 or v814 before reboot so is the thing doing a smart scan, looking for root kits or what? don't understand why my laptop is kicking in at high cpu when nothing is going on my system and active processing hogging the system is almost always aawservice. - if you can't reply in the form. please send me an email. I have also reported this problem via email since I am paid user. thanks in advance.
  4. in the v813 adaware 2010 toolkit pull down on the start menu there is an item for downloading "download guard for IE". what's that for? I looked for a readme or help file but didn't see anything. ____________________ given IE8 has some protection and your adwatch is running and norton nis 2010 is running and has site and file notification. what does this toolkit item do in addition to the stuff above. thank you mb
  5. having a problem with aawservice running right after a reboot (when its filling up the right hand tray icons). the cpu is maxed out between 88-100% whole machine is locked and the machine looks disk bound (c: drive). as long as the thing is maxed out (cpu)...with adaware service the machine is locked up. I know it needs to look at boot time for resident code and rootkits but could you guys add a few minutes time out delay after the thing fires up on reboot? that's what nortion nis 2010 did. I set norton 2010 to 10 mins after reboot before it does its stuff. adware and norton nis always come up together. there have been <no problems>. I used the process/performance tool in norton to see the cpu history and instead of ccsvchost taking all the cpu - it is your aawservice. can you help me tune my system? _________________ - I have a 2.6 GHZ P4M with 2GB memory and 30GB of free disk and a 4GB page file so I'm not tight on <anything>. I've even defragged the disk (c: drive) to see if that would help. - I know image activation takes up a lot of resources and I know in XP the machine locks up when the network driver takes priority over everything but this is not the case. I'm off the net when rebooting. ___________________ after the machine is up for about 15-20 mins everthing is fast. I do have a side question if anyone knows the answer? sometime the fan really kicks in on the laptop so I check what process is running. its always iexplore.exe. it take about 50-78% of cpu. I assume it indexing my system in the background. adware and nortion always tell me when they kick in. other than this aawservce grabbing the machine on the first 15 mins of reboot everything is fine. thank you mb
  6. [quote name='kipahmom' post='115493' date='Jan 17 2010, 10:28 PM']I tried all the recommended solutions from the forum and none of them worked. I installed and uninstalled the program, tried using the cmd update. I also checked the service and even with the update still wasn't able to see the ad-aware service and still got the error. I have windows xp. Please help! I loved the older versions of ad-aware![/quote] __________________ I had a network service error -3 when I tried to do an update. it was consistent. deinstalled and rebooted. checked add/remove programs and used windows unstaller v3.0 - nothing of adaware left. then did a clean reinstall after reboot. the update manager works fine now. the tech recommended using revounistaller because it has some heuristics but didn't need to. best mb running xpsp3 with all patches. installed adware 2010 v811 it updated to v813 as part of the installation.
  7. can someone from lavasoft please help me with your scheduler problem. I set the scheduled scan up from within your program. the adaware full scan never runs. I am running xpsp2 with all patches. spysweeper works. norton nis v2007 works. your program does not work. this is a big inconvenience and I had hoped updating to V2007 would help but it did not. this isn't a problem of an offline scheduled scan working and then suddenly not working. this is a problem of a scheduled scan "never working" on my xp laptop. please save the easy problems for the easy problems list and help me with my adaware scheduler problem. don't have any idea how to debug this, nor what log files are needed for you to follow up. most people by now would have a least said run these programs and dump these log files - then email them to us and we'll take a look. thank you in advance... I have been an adaware customer for years. adaware scheduled scans never worked for me and now I was hoping your program would do so. can't say it any simpler than that - please help me with my problem. best regards, mbramblett
  8. running adaware v2707. set up a offline scheduled scan for weds at 1am. the scan never happens. running xpsp2 with all patches. norton NIS v2007 scheduled scans runs. spysweeper scheduled scan runs also. one is for weds (adaware), one is for friday (spysweeper) and one is for sunday (norton). don't keep adaware and spysweeper running all the time in the background because this is my work system. if I need to to browse new sites I just turn on adwatch while browsing. otherwise - just want to do a full system scan and update my definition files automatically once a week on these 3 very important applications. the manual scans are great. you find stuff that spysweeper misses and I am very happy with your product. please help me figure out a way to get this scheduled scan stuff working. best regards, mark bramblett