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  1. The desktop is Outlook 2002 (10.6856.6858) SP3 and the laptop is 2003 (11.8206.8202) SP3, and they both crash with the AdAware add-in, but the latter identifies the AdAware plug-in as the problem.
  2. I suppose I must watch this space to see when it is fixed, so I can re-enable it.
  3. My laptop has a later outlook, so MS stepped up and allowed me to disable it on suggestion after crash, but my desktop has an older outlook, so they just told me I was cursed by my old version, thank you bill gates.
  4. Lacking a time mqachine to go back to the first detection, I took all the unnamed files out of quarantine and scanned again. I started marking them ignore, but the gui is stuck in allow once for the last, 6th item, showerrmsg.dll, so I suppose I have to scan again t get to choose.
  5. This is to say, that in addition to attacking an innocent file, the quarantine feature is not working right, as I cannot remove it from quarantine., as I cannot identify it. I am using the free anniversary version freshly downloaded. David
  6. I just lost this file a second time, after reinstalling from a fresh download from acer. The first time, I changed it from recommended (who knows) to quarantine, but then when I found it gone, there was no way to un-quarantine it,, as it was lost in an anonymous list of many files quarantined. How do I stop the removal?
  7. I have the 32 bit Vista on two different machines and get the same crash from the 2008 update manager, so don't feel lonely. Maybe they will fix it eventually. PS: Be careful to fire up the task manager and kill the runaway lavasoft update manager process for each update manager launch attempt.
  8. I went to AdAware and asked it to update, and it installed AdAware2008 and new definitions, but after it installed a new version of the update manager, after the definitions are updated it asks if you want to get new software updates, and when you say yes, I get a crash window saying: LS Update Manager Access violation at address 009D0000. Write of address 009D0000[/indent] Since I now have a bad update installer, I figured I was stuck, so I uninstalled and downloaded and reinstalled the 2008 Free product, but it ends up in the same place. I have a relatively new Gateway PC with Athlon X2 5000 dual core CPU, 3GB of ram, plenty of disk space and Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit OS. I stay up on all the latest Windows Updates and JAVA jdk/jre. I am just one of your cheap if long term and proselytizing fans using the free version, but I hope this bug report helps your product and your enterprise. PS: Windows Task manager shows many copies of ldsupdatemanager.exe silently running, eating up cpu quite aggressively, probably one per attempt at updates.