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  1. In reply to your question: I use CA antivirus prog.,but have faced no problems in scanning by that prog. This morning I deleted free Ad-Aware 2008 & also deleted it's installation file, then I downloaded that file again from the address you supplied me with. Then I began the administrator installing process,but right after I got the languages note I received a note saying:"Corrupt installation detected" & I couldn't proceed with the process. (by the way - I tried also to install the 2007 version, where I was asked if I agree to update to the 2008 version, & I clicked ok.The installation process went smoothly, but when I tried scanning, I got again the black screen). I'm affraid that at this point I'm becoming a bit desperated, as this is the first time, in 11 years,that I am facing such a problem that is so difficult to solve. Do you know of any more advices that might get me, at last, to a reasonable solution? best regards, jurisam
  2. Thanks Casey for your kind treatment. Looking in "user Accounts" at control panel, I found that the name AMIRAV, which is my name, appears above the words Computer Administrator. So I went to the Ad-Aware 2008 installer file & clicked on "run as". Here I found that Current User is marked, but the user name there is not as stated in the user account, but it says:"AMIRAV-834C408E\AMIRAV". Underneath it says:" protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity"& it's also marked .Beneath that there is an option to state another user name,which is not active. Since I'm the current user (though there is an addition to my name, as you understand) & also the administrator, I didn't want to put any changes & clicked "OK". I got the list of languages,choose the English & then the installation process began. When finished, I clicked the "updates" & got them with no problem. But when I clicked the "scan" button, & before long , I got again the black screen & the computer began a restart process. I am using Windows XP Home Ed. Do you see now any chance that my "nightmare" is finished soon? I wonder jurisam
  3. Hey Casey, Thanks for your patience. Now another point - How do you log in as you mentioned. I'm sure that I'm the admin of my computer. Still, I have never done that before. Furthermore, with the old version of Ad-Aware I had no such problems. On the meantime I downloaded the 2008 free version, but yet - the same problem rises. If you know how one logs on to his pc as administrater, would you be so kind to share that info with me. For almost 11 years I have neen handling a computer, but never did I faced such an absurdous situation, when you are being asked to prove that you are an honest person, in order to let you use a free version program!. best regards & thanks in advance jurisam
  4. Hey Casey, I'm also interested in this topic. I'm using version, but suddenly somrthing happened - a minute or so after I click the scan button the screen gets blackened & the computer begins a restart process. I saw your advise, but I would like to know what do you mean by the words "logging on to an admin account ". I guess you mean the account in Windows or am I wrong & you mean in Ad-Aware. Anyway, could you remind me how do you do it? Kindly yours, jurisam