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  1. Finally working. Maybe I justed needed to do a restart.
  2. I followed instructions above to the letter and as before, message comes up saying that it's "getting informatioin about updates" and then "Update - no connection to server and Suggested Action - check internet connection". Nothing wrong with internet connection. Something wrong with free updates link ??? I think so. Giving up for tonight as becoming frustrated. Considering that I'm not the only person who's having this problem, I'm hoping that Lavasoft will investigate same.
  3. I've just downloaded the new free 2008 version today and I'm having exactly the same problem. I'm hoping that someone will have some info' on how to rectify this problem soon. I've even tried downloading new definitions manually via THIS LINK [/url] with no success. I've always used Ad-Aware free and never had any problems before. Mod.Edit/data munged for safety/Raziel