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  1. You know this makes me kinda leary about buying. I just recently ... well not recently ... about 4 months ago got a new computer with Windows Vista. I had AdAware SE Pro installed on the other one and was happy with the program ... never a problem. In the excitement of having a new computer with new things to learn and get used to I forgot to install Ad-Aware on this machine until now. I knew that my version had been discontinued so I decided to try the Free 2008 version and see how it worked. Right off the bat ... Problem! Can't update defs! While I am glad I'm not the only one who is having these problems ... it is a little disconcerting that in the most basic version there is already a fundamental flaw in the program. Yikes! You see! That's what happens when you fix something that isn't broken! You improve it into a failure! Hopefully it will be resolved soon! Take Care Everyone! DellVista