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  1. Thanks for the reply and pm. I dropped the file into the root directory as you suggested, and rebooted. After the restart Ad-aware showed that it had the July 30th definitions installed.

    Out of curiosity, I tried to update again, and it worked this time. I now have the August 2nd definitions installed. Oddly, the file I dragged and dropped is still sitting there in the root directory. Should I now remove it?


    Interestingly enough, I don't know!!! Try it and post back here how it went so others can see the results.

    (I didn't have to use the manual update, AAW updated normally for me earlier today.)


    I'm glad the reboot worked for you!



  2. I am still unable to get any updates. I tried disabling Norton and tried again. But same problem occurred "No Access to Download Server". I will try again tomorrow.


    Just a curious question.... where in the world r u? (just looking for approximate whereabouts) So I can map out who isn't getting updates.


    Thank you TinQer


    (I know Canada/Ontario, and the West coast US isn't...) North-East coast US should/is.)

  3. The problem still exists here in Ontario, Canada also.


    I tried downloading the manual update, but when unzipped the file you get is something called "core.aawdef".

    It is not an .exe file, so it is not a self installing file, and when you look in the program folder there is no such file in there, so you cannot drag and drop it in. Which means that for ordinary PC users like me, this so called update is completely useless. ;)


    Drag and drop that file into the C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware directory, then restart your system, Ad-Aware runs as a system service, so closing Ad-Aware from your desktop may not fully update. (Just a recomendation.) :D



  4. Tinger,


    Noted your two comments above. I downloaded the zip file just fine but can not open file. I also read teh prob about the DNS so I can only assume that I am still unable to get updates because of this DNS issue.


    Just wanted you and others to be aware that the prob still exists here is West USA.


    Thank you Chapin.

    I am watching both issues closely. I'll attempt opening the file, and put my 2 cents in again.




    Just downloaded and extracted (windows extract-all-files) to a temp directory without a problem. I am also on my 25th system using the update button from the app without a problem. (Just for everyone's knowledge I have another 40 to go.)

  5. To all,


    Please remember that any server updates that involve DNS changes can take between 24-72 hours to propagate around the world. If any changes were made (Recently a DNS poisoning issue was discovered, and likely that part of this problem is due to the corrections many DNS owners are making...) the delay may take days to propagate. AND many DNS servers are being updated which would add to the delay. So some may get their Ad-Aware updates and others may take up to another day or so.


    If you'd like to know more about the DNS issue, here is the link to the Internet Storm Center and the post/info:


  6. Can some one tell me if the Lavasoft site is having a problem? I keep trying to check for updates and it keeps coming back with "there is an error, no internet connection". I need to check my internet connection. NOT!!!! If it were me, I would not be able to send this message.



    Hello again Rose,


    Here is the Lavasoft link to get the core.zip file:



    This should work, as I've tried it several times over the last 10 minutes prior to this msg, and it has worked without fail each time. (And so has the Application's Update button.) But just in case the link provided is a direct connect.



  7. I don't know if this is related to this problem, but it seems similar.

    Every time that I try to turn on Ad-Aware 2008 I get the following message: Service is not online. Application terminates.


    Does anyone know what's going on? It's starting to worry me.


    Also the last time I ran Ad-Aware I got a message saying that there was a file that couldn't be deleted until I restarted my computer. I restarted my computer and now I'm getting the message I just described.


    Hi Rose Red, May I suggest you delete the program (Using Add/Remove Programs)-reboot then download the latest version (save to ur fav place) and run the install again. If your running a version of Norton A/V (anything Symantec) disable it before installing Ad-Aware. Ad-Aware should now install cleanly. (Same goes for McAfee A/V.)

  8. Same here, and all my customers have reported the same problem. (63 so far.)

    Last update 26.07.08, possible victim of the latest DNS poisoning? (I am "hazarding" a guess here.)

    I will be attempting a manual D/L of the update from the main site.


    The web site link to the update is:



    I suggest that anyone looking for answers PLEASE register, then raise your voice here.

    IF there isn't any activity, there won't be any answers.