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  1. Thanks for the reply and pm. I dropped the file into the root directory as you suggested, and rebooted. After the restart Ad-aware showed that it had the July 30th definitions installed. Out of curiosity, I tried to update again, and it worked this time. I now have the August 2nd definitions installed. Oddly, the file I dragged and dropped is still sitting there in the root directory. Should I now remove it?
  2. The problem still exists here in Ontario, Canada also. I tried downloading the manual update, but when unzipped the file you get is something called "core.aawdef". It is not an .exe file, so it is not a self installing file, and when you look in the program folder there is no such file in there, so you cannot drag and drop it in. Which means that for ordinary PC users like me, this so called update is completely useless.