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  1. When I had upgraded to the free AE I got a pop up ad reminding me to give Lavasoft products as Valentine Day gifts which turned out to be legit. Apparently now they want us to inflict this mess on our Mothers too.
  2. I tried the Filehippo version and it wasn't right. I ended up downloading from the MajorGeeks site. Eventually I had to uninstall the 2008 version when it began to have issues with my Norton virus program.
  3. Hello Voltron! I received no error message from Ad-Aware 2008 when it scanned. Everything appeared to work as it should. However, when I checked the History log in Norton Anti -Virus 2009 there were mutliple instances of Ad-Aware's aaservice.exe trying to gain access to the following which triggered medium risk and blocking tags: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\PIF\{B8E1DD85-8582-4c61-B58F-2F227FCA9A08}\PIF Svc.exe C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\Engine\\ccSvcHst.exe And one instance in which Ad-Aware's Threatwork.exe was allowed to gain access to the following but the event was logged and tagged as a medium risk: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\PIF\{B8E1DD85-8582-4c61-B58F-2F227FCA9A08}\PIF Svc.exe Now I caught all of this after I had run a second scan with Ad-Aware. Looking back to the first time I did it with the new Norton the result was the same. There is nothing about the new version of Norton that makes me think it is the cause. It performs like it should and does nothing to Ad-Aware 2008 when I still had it loaded. I uninstalled it because I wasn't sure what would happen if Norton didn't keep blocking it from going where it need not go if my guess is correct.
  4. I know that M$ won't do a thing to help unless I cough up some money first. To me support means the full spectrum. After all, a free user could turn into a paying user if treated right all the way around. Moreover, if I ran Lavasoft I would have waited until AE was ready for prime time out of consideration for all of my customers no matter what the dead line had been.
  5. Lavasoft can say they don't have to support the free version. However, I have a sneaky suspiscion there is a law in the books somewhere that trumps that. After all other manufacturers are having to recall their products every day.
  6. I know that Ad-Aware 2008 will be defunct once AE gets all the bugs worked out. However, I thought I should let you all know that these two programs are no longer friendly to one another. Ad-Aware now has been trying to gain access to Norton Anti-Virus every time I run a scan with it. Fortunately, Norton has been blocking it but that program considers it more than a low risk threat. BTW when I run a scan with Norton it does not go after Ad-Aware in this fashion. I'm sorry to see this happen. From the very beginning I have protected my comp successfully with these two programs running side by side.
  7. Raziel ~ I have found all the traces of AE plus some left over bits of 2006-8. I find it interesting that so much was left behind when I used the program's uninstall feature. I was reading the lit for the cleaner programs you had links to, and I think I will not go that far for now simply because I don't feel comfortable trying to use such powerful programs on my own. Thank you again for helping!
  8. Raziel ~ I have all the system disks and program disks which came with the computer when I bought it new. I assume those are the back ups you are refering to. If you could give me a list of files I need to search for I will do it that way since I have the time, and I suspect it will help me grow more familar with places on my comp I have yet to visit.
  9. Raziel I appreciate the help but isn't there some other way I can go so that I don't have to install AE again? Judging from the recent round of installation problems others are facing I feel this will only compound my bits and pieces problem. I should add that I'm a newbie when it comes to the internal workings of a computer. Therefore, any advice needs to be free of computereeze and in plain step by step English from beginning to end.
  10. I have discovered that traces of AE still remain on my comp after I had uninstalled it as well as 2008 and 2007 versions. What can I use to make sure all these bits are swept up and discarded before I start all over again? I have a feeling the AE bits were what caused my reinstalled 2008 to develop a hiccup in the cookie removal department since that was working fine before the introduction of AE.
  11. I reverted back to 2008 Adaware because of this. At first I thought I was seeing things when the tray icon kept reappearing. After a bit I wondered if I was on Candid Camara.
  12. I'm still not going to upgrade to AE. In my humble opinion it seems that when one glitch is fixed another pops up. It reminds me of that arcade game where you have to whack the heads of some rodent like creature that keep popping up from different holes.
  13. *eyes lump under the rug suspicously* *grabs up fly swatter in case anymore "bugs" crawl out* I laughed when I saw the pop up for the Valentine offer from Lavasoft when I used my 2008 version. Do you really think I would want to inflict who knows what else on my sweetheart?
  14. I ran a scan with Ad-Aware 2008 and fortunately I had only 15 more low risk cookies after my short time with AE. I don't know if I want to try AE again DDon. Who knows what other "nasties" are lurking within it! You have my sympathy Daphne 2008 and ZENFLASH.
  15. When I had AE on my comp ~ thank goodness I got it off before it ate it ~ I noticed that it slowed down the time it took for it to start up. Then it kept telling me I needed to run a scan even though I had done so. Also the icon in the tray didn't seem to be in sync with the program. It was as if I had two AE's going on at the same time and one was a few seconds slower then the other. Suffice it to say this drove me batty after a few days. However, after reading the horror stories here I consider myself extremely lucky that this was all I had to deal with until I uninstalled the program.