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  1. Tried Windfox's suggestion to disable Norton Tamper protection, rebooted, and got Ad Aware to complete a scan. Wish Norton and Ad Aware could resolve this problem. Thank you for having this forum and thanks Windfox.
  2. I have Norton also, and will try turning off Tamper protection, but, when I click the X on Ad Adware it closes and when I bring it back up it starts immediately and is hung up. I don't enjoy re-booting to bring it back to normal. Will do so to see if it is Norton Tamper protection hanging it up?
  3. On my other computer it scans about 3000 items and stops, currently, it is hung up on aawservice.exe at 2738 items.
  4. I have the same problem and it does the same as below, only mine stops on skypepm.exe
  5. Scans about 3000 plus items and stops on skypepm.exe. Anniversary Edition did the same! Cannot stop scan when it hangs up, and if I close Ad-Adware and re-open it picks up where if left off. The clock ticks, says it is scanning, but the file scanner is blank and it shows no files being scanned. I have to re-boot to bring it back to normal.
  6. Since installing ad-aware 2008 free have been getting message unable to connect, but everything but ad-aware connects including spy bod, is the ad-aware site down or what?