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  1. I just found out that the 0108.0000 definition file can be downloaded from the MajorGeeks website. Here is the link: The MajorGeeks web page has step by step instructions. Download the zip file to any temporary work folder. Once its downloaded, unzip the core.aawdef file to the All Users installation folder, not the main program installation folder. On my PC, it was here: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware There is already a file there with the same name, so you will get a Windows overwrite warning. Start Ad-Aware. You will see the new version number (0108.0000) and date (07/30/2008) displayed.
  2. The two solutions I read on earlier pages didn't work for me: 1. Go to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Ad-Aware and do a repair install 2. Go to the Lavasoft website & manually download the latest definition file So far, no official word from anyone at Lavasoft.
  3. I might as well chime in - since updating my 2 PCs to the 2008 version this morning, I can't get updates either. I read the thread and tried doing the 'repair' from Control Panel, no joy. I tried going to the manual update download page and when I click on the 108 update, it tries to send me to a mirror site download page, but that fails - unable to display page, so I can't even get to the file to try to download it. Any new ideas?