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  1. I have used Ad-Aware FOR YEARS, but I have never been impressed to the point where I felt I needed to buy the "pro" versions. After reading through this thread and seeing absolutaly no response from Lavasoft support I am definitely never going to send them a dime for their broken programs. I have their software installed on my moms computer, (as well as my own personal computer), and a while back I noticed Ad-Aware SE wouldn't download the new updates. I ignored this problem because Ad-aware never really seemed to find much spyware anyway, so continued using the other popular and free anti-spyware program that I'm sure all of you own as well. Well, today I found out there was a new version and perhaps that was why I couldn't get the updates, so I downloaded Ad-Aware 2008 (free of course), and, but obviously it's still not updating. I tried manually updating, but the link won't work, and to be honest I don't care enough about this Lavasoft junk program enough to investigate further while their support ignores their own webforum. For those that paid, if I were you I would be demanding a refund. If Lavasoft does not comply, call your credit card company to see about a chargeback. I don't know if that'll work, but it's worth a try when dealing with bad companies selling junk software!