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  1. Hi: I just saw CrankyFluff's advice to try http://support.microsoft.com/kbl/290301 which is Mircosoft Install clean up utility and gave it a try. It deleted Ad-Aware 2007 from my computer and I was finally able to install Ad-Aware 2008! If I was ever on a network, I did not know about it. There have been others on my computer, so who knows. Thank you for being there, I appreciate it.
  2. Thank-you. I tried all the solutions there and they did not work. After trying #! it said Corrupt Installation detected; #2 Would not install until Ad-Aware 2007 was uninstalled; #3 I updated the windows installer on microsoft.com and it still does not work. I tried going into the C: drive, program files, lavasoft and delete it there and it would not allow me to. I had trouble when I tried installing Ad-Aware 2007 last year and gave up and never used it. It isn't even listed when I hit start and all programs. I just really wanted Ad-Aware 2008, but I guess I will give up on trying to install it.
  3. The only place where I can find evidence of Ad-Aware 2007 is in the Add/Remove Programs List. When I try to remove I get a message "The installation source for this product is not available." It wants me to find the correct path, but it isn't even on my computer. I also get a message inside a Windows Installer box that says "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." I have already tried re-installing Ad-Aware 2007, but that will not work for the same reason I cannot upgrade to Ad-Aware 2008. I have to remove my previous version first. I do not know where some of you are finding this "Repair" button. I have XP with service pack 3.