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  1. I had the same problem as Cranky Fluff. With the suggestions on this forum, I was able to finally uninstall free 2007 and reinstall free 2008. Wahoo! Many thanks to Casey_Boy for the suggested options. Here's a bit of irony - I called my local 'computer hospital' whom I sent this pc to last week to rid it of smuggled in spyware and nasties that somehow got past adaware and spysweeper. (I'm thinking $150 to remove spyware nasties was a bit steep). Anyway, when I called them to ask what to do since I couldn't open (run) adaware and then I couldn't uninstall it through add/remove in the control panel - they suggested just installing 2008 over 2007 if I couldn't uninstall it. This effort proved pointless. They then suggested I could bring it in to fix what sounded like a registry issue for $50-$75. This forum saved me $$! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Regards, Sometimes Technically Challenged