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  1. By the way... am a Lavasoft Ad aware user for more than 4 years... it was recommended by microsoft/LOVE IT... Sure hope the support team of Lavasoft reads these blogs... Regards, Darle
  2. Very frustrated! AD AWARE 2007; Can NOt unistall the ad aware from add/remove programs; 2008 ad aware will not ofcourse install otherwise. Tryed advice to save to desktop=run as administrator...doesnt work=NOTHING WORKS.. even downloaded the 2007/will not install Do you know a "safe" third party uninstall? Been working on this for the past 3 months UGH! Yes, want the 2008=ofcourse, neither works with this old program in my puter! Even "searched" for it--found bits and pieces... uninstalled those.. but still cant find this INSTALL PACKAGE: WISDED53BOBB67C4244AE6A6FD3C28DLEF_7_C Even says the source--not there C:Programfiles/commonfiles/wise installation ***************************************** Many thanks for even reading this... Darle