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  1. Welcome back :default_smile:

    1. Duckie


      Thank you Cecilia, it's been a long time, good to see you moved up the ranks from the last i was here :)

  2. you could also try scanning in safe mode and doing a profile scan so you don't scan the archive, scanning the archive's really isn't needed
  3. It would be three scanners, Gdata's two and Lavasofts own engine
  4. Duckie


    Try uninstalling via the Add & Remove utility or if not go to this directory C:\Program Files and look for the name of the program and simply right click and delete ( it should be named uniblue or the name of whichever uniblue program you installed )
  5. [quote name='zapbuzz' post='124191' date='Dec 18 2010, 11:38 PM']look i can understand that you guys want to make every cent out of your bloatware and it gets bigger and bigger each year. Google chome should be included as an external download feature and not bundled ok? you american cockfags own the internet and we suffer the expense ok? not all of us can afford to constantly download american bloated ego ok? ad aware is just bloated bullcrap ware and i'm not touching it no more. park it where the sun don't shine LavaBloat[/quote] I'm sorry you feel Lavasoft is a big program and i know what your saying bout some people suffer for downloading content from other countries and risk using there Data Cap allowance but that still doesn't give you the right too abuse them, despite me also having to deal with Data allowance caps there are a lot more security suites out there which are a lot bigger than ad-aware. Thank You CW
  6. When you try to execute any application does it give you the " this program is not a valid win32 application" ?
  7. Hey there raygun, I'm sorry to hear that download Guard is preventing the J.W.S to operate, does J.W.S work if you disable the download Guard add-on?
  8. Please make a new topic in the Hijack this Forum which is linked in my signature and i expert will assist you in removing the trojan Cheers CW
  9. can u please provide a screen-shot of this pop-up so i can see if it's malware related or not? Cheers CW
  10. Hey There Bob Merlin, Firstly next time when your going to make a post please start a new topic instead of hijacking someone else's topic, secondly if your a paid user you can get support here [url=""]support link[/url]. You could also try going too C:\Program Files and look for a folder name lavasoft or ad-aware and delete it and see if that helps you with installing. Cheers CW
  11. hey there dieterschmied, Which processes did you find still running after uninstall?
  12. Hey there raygun, i reopen your other topic and merged that and your new topic together, i will report this too Lavasoft and when i hear anymore information i will let you know. Goodluck CW
  13. Hey there melon, In my signature there is a link to the Hijack this forum, click on that and create a new topic with a description of the issue and an expert will help you from there, this could be a timely matter so just be patient if your not assistant straight away Cheers CW
  14. Hey there claw99, It's good to remember to have all Browsers closed while scanning/ removing cookies cause this can sometimes make it hard for some applications to remove them, it wouldn't surprise me if ad-aware will remove the cookie upon reboot with its boot cleaning function so you should reboot and rescan or better yet use the track sweep utility . Cookie's are not malicious all they are is mere notepads that websites you visit store information so they can remember your preference's you set on them, so they're really nothing to worry about. Cheers CW
  15. Hey There DeRat, I'm sorry that your having issue's with removing this trojan, it's hard for me too say if it's a false positive or not but i can suggest a few things 1. preform a full in safe mode this will help ad-aware remove the infection as it wont be active as safe mode only allows the basic service's to run windows loaded 2. I have linked in my signature the false positive forum where a LS employee can determine if the file is a false positive or not, if it is they will fix it on the next definition file update and if it isn't then i will say you need to make a post in the Hijack this forum which is also linked in my signature and a expert will help you remove the infection, this could be a timely matter so i apologize for that inconvenience Goodluck CW