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  1. [quote name='Jy2m' post='123549' date='Nov 6 2010, 10:52 AM'] Ad-aware is it the worst anti malware because it said (and not others) that a web page that contains iframes is a trojan? Maybe not the worst but one of the worst. Thanks. Jy2m. [/quote] The malicious code which would release the Trojan would be with in the iframe's code, not every iframe is malicious, i always get the odd call and told " oh i clicked on this picture on this website and it gave me a virus! " and i would have to either provide instructions or go and remove the culprit infection when the virus was actually injected within the iframe itself not the picture.
  2. Hey there, im sorry the both of you are suffering from this unpleasant problem, please try the following 1. Disk Cleanup with the windows utility 2. Disk defrag 3. Profile scan with Ad-aware ( this will elimate scanning the archive's which really aint critical to be scanned all the time ) Cheers Computer Wizard
  3. This could be useful for you if you haven't read this yet johnish If you are operating behind a proxy server, you will need to have your proxy server settings correctly configured in order to perform updates. Go to Settings -> Updates and click proxy settings. Tick the box beside "Enable Proxy", enter your proxy server address (in the format, proxyname:portnumber ) your username and password and click 'Ok'. You can also manually download and update the definitions file. 1. Download from [url=""][/url] 2. Extract the file (core.aawdef) directly to the Ad-Aware folder, either: XP: * C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Defs Vista: * C:\Program Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Defs (note: You can also go to, update->settings and click 'import' browse to where you have saved (core.aawdef), select this file then click 'open' and 'ok'.) 3. Close and restart Ad-Aware from the System Tray icon.
  4. I've found in the past when you see the " loading please wait " splash screen if you click on it, it would load up as it should do but if that doesn't work you can try restarting the the AAWservice, also if avast is alerting you that your svchost is being targeted i would hope that avast would detect the threat upon a full system scan if not, it might be a drive-by though it could be a your typical Trojan. If i was you i would deal with the svchost issue first by making a post in the [url=""]Hijack-this Forum[/url] and get some assistance in removing the culprit of malicious behavior Goodluck Computer Wizard
  5. have you tried to start the process manually? Start> Control panel> adminstrative tools> services from there find the lavasoft services select it and hit restart. if that fails uninstall ad-aware and reinstall it ( you should be able to get ad-aware downloaded again considering you can get too this forum ) those fail still then you need this topic moved too the hijack-this forum as your clearly infected as blocking security suites webpages n so on is a viral infection symptom. Goodluck Computer Wizard
  6. have you tried too fix the Operating system with the downloadable windows vista recovery console from microsoft?
  7. Hey there Marty H. Try temporarily disabling your other resident protection then rebooting, your other security solution my be causing ad-aware difficulties finalizing but please before you disable your other program disconnect from the internet first so you don't get infected while your solution is disabled Don't hesitate too reply back if it doesn't work Thank You Computer Wizard
  8. i would suggest in just uninstalling Ad-aware and reinstalling
  9. Cheers for that information, did this happen with previous versions of LS adaware you've used? and is adaware the only security solution you have installed?
  10. [quote name='cinke' post='123102' date='Oct 7 2010, 05:41 AM']try Start->Run->services.msc and in the list search "Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service", right click->properties and the start type change from automatic to manual. In msconfig is not for me Ad-Aware. Cinke[/quote] I wouldn't recommend doing that as it would disable Ad-aware completely and leave cska133 vulnerable if Ad-aware is his/her only protection and would become quite an nuisance to start the service to preform a scan then stop it again. Thank You Computer Wizard
  11. Hey there bmjquest, Sorry too hear you experiencing this trouble and would seem somewhat annoying, can you please provide me with the following details -Operating System: -Service Pack: ( too find which service pack your running, Click Start> Run type in winver and hit enter and a dialog will appear telling you the service pack ) Thank You Computer Wizard
  12. Hey there, try this it should work Start> Run> msconfig and hit enter> in dialog select start up and scroll and and find Ad aware and untick then hit apply and OK ( note you may be prompted to reboot after applying the action ) Cheers Computer Wizard
  13. Please start a topic in the following forum [url=""]HiJack - This [/url] and someone will assist you in removing your infection. Thank You! Computer Wizard
  14. Hey there, Reboot your system into safe mode and then try to execute a Ad-aware scan, booting into safe mode will disable alot of malware cause safe mode will only start the basic service's for windows too operate ( e.g your mouse driver ). if that fails remove the infected/patched mouse driver/software and reinstall it then preform a Scan. Thank You Computer Wizard
  15. If you want to avoid that issue until Lavasoft releases a fix, just avoid deleting the Cookies, they're not harmful and are just notepads and this should solve your issue of the Autofill fields not displaying your login credentials on your Favored sites. Thank You Computer Wizard
  16. The G data folder is most likely needed for your purchased product as the purchased suite use's the G Data Antivirus Engine, it could be a folder that the G data quarantined items into a specific folder and is flagging the file as malicious. Thank You Computer Wizard
  17. i choose Ad-aware reasons being.. 1. Spyware doctor start edition/Spyware doctor as a whole is just slow and just resource heavy 2. Spyware terminator is the false postive king of the three.. Cheers Computer Wizard
  18. I'm glad you got it sorted out and deeply sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused you. Thank You Computer Wizard
  19. How to start your computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration feature To start your computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration feature, follow these steps: 1. Start your computer. 2. When you see the "Please select the operating system to start" message, press the F8 key. ( if you only have one OS install you wont see that message therefore you will need to press f8 before the windows XP loading screen appears ) 3. When the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, use the ARROW keys to select Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked), and then press ENTER. 4. If you are running other operating systems on your computer, use the ARROW keys to select Microsoft Windows XP, and then press ENTER. Good luck Computer Wizard
  20. Ad-aware may have found the spawn file from the actual Trojan first then the second scan it found the Trojan. id recommend posting in the [url=""]HiJackThis[/url] Forum for assistance to make sure the Trojan is gone for good. Thank You Computer Wizard
  21. i still somewhat fail too see what he expects lavasoft to do, at the end of the day Ad-aware found a legit file ( important ) that was patched/infected and deleted isn't that clearly what ad-aware is meant to do? of course it is.
  22. The program wouldn't be Revo uninstaller? also forgive me if i dont quite understand but by going from your pictures are you installing via a disk or downloaded installer? Thank You Computer Wizard
  23. Hey there ntin, May i ask what sort of utilities you've tried and are you able to provide a screenshot of the error that you get? Thank You Computer Wizard
  24. I'm pretty sure Lavasoft is aware of these types of problems and i think they may have found the cause and are working on a fix to be released, so for now just be patient until the fix arrives. Thank You Computer Wizard
  25. No problem at all, glad i could help! Thank You Computer Wizard