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  1. It's because in the new release of Ad-aware when they added the Anti-virus engine it also has to use new signatures. I'll assume you have the Free version so when you update ad-aware it will get the typical signatures from LS but then you will need to get the signatures for the AV engine which the signatures it needs are Sunbelt vipre signatures so it takes a Lil longer, they aware and were working on a fix for this, I'm not 100% percent sure if they have fixed this yet. Just be patient remember when new software releases come out bug do commonly appear and will slowly be squashed Thank You Computer Wizard
  2. improved engines detection compatibilities for threats, you can ignore the cookies, there just mere notepads that websites store information of your preferences as notepads on your system known as cookies. Thank You Computer Wizard
  3. I would recommend uninstalling Ad-aware and deleting your current Ad-aware installer and downloading again you can try downloading from ( here is the direct link to it ) [url=""]Filehippo - LS Adaware[/url] and see how you go there. Thank You Computer Wizard
  4. it's possibly because when it finds cookies and there removed and you go back too the sites they don't see the cookie they placed to recognize which means you need to re-login. Thank You Computer Wizard
  5. I'm sorry that your experiencing this issue rswaneck77, You will need to post in the [url=""]HiJack-This[/url] forum for assistance in removing the infection. Thank You Computer Wizard
  6. I'm not 100% sure if this is fixed in the recent version released but can you please check in your free version that you only have process watch active as there has been a small percentage of users with active modules of the program enabled which are only usable in the Purchased product able too run in there free version. Thank You Computer Wizard
  7. Reboot into safe mode with networking and try too update ad-aware, this should limit the chance of freezing as there will not be as many programs running nor service's. if that still doesn't work then i will say you have an infection/s on your machine and will need to post in the [url=""]HiJack-this[/url] forum in assistance to remove the infection/s. Thank You Computer Wizard
  8. this link might be helpful to solve your issue try the suggestion in the [url=""]link[/url] and post back if this helps. Thank You Computer Wizard
  9. [quote name='brusoft' post='121993' date='Aug 22 2010, 03:50 PM']I have never had the Registry and Network options available in Ad-Watch Live!, only Processes. I always assumed they were for the paid version only. Knowing those options should be active and since others using the free version have these options I have to ask why I don't?[/quote] Free version only has process enabled, the reason some users do have some of the options active as its a problem/bug with the program and lavasoft is aware of this issue as i stated above. Thank You Computer Wizard
  10. as i stated above, as someone who deals with removing malware for clients of mine, this is a common issue with alot of AV products, that will detect a legit file that is infected and just delete it, instead of cleaning it first, im sure adaware does try too do this but it surely needs to be improved and should be made to clean the infection before deleting by default. this is why its important too back up your system. Ad-aware is made to detect and remove infections and that is clearly what it done, the file was legit but it was infected. Thank You Computer Wizard
  11. this is common problem with a lot of AV products cause they just delete the infection, regardless if the file infected is important, you need to use a tool that will disinfect/clean the infection away without removing the file. Dr Webs Cure it is very good at cleaning infections. Thank You Computer Wizard
  12. i have too disagree with that reason of blocking Ad-aware for being categorized as adware. 1. McAfee as far as I've seen is the only AV company that flaged Adaware for any particular reason. 2. If it was adware Mcafee wouldn't be the only one flagging Ad-aware and then LS would be in trouble for distributing there product 3. as like LS adaware, mcafee uses signatures, which aren't very reliable and accurate.
  13. Hello there Kcool223! I'm sorry your experiencing this issue with removing this infection, we're not able to help you remove infections in this forum due to forum rules but if you make a topic in the [url=""]Hijack-this forum[/url] you will get the assistance your looking for. Thank You Computer Wizard
  14. Hello Diogenes1950! If you worried there is still infections in your PC after the GeekSquad did what they did ( which was completely a waste of time/basic and wont remove what infections are already on the system ) you need to post in [url=""]Hijack-This Forum[/url] and wait for assistance as were unable to offer any assistance with that in this forum due too the rules. Secondly, Cookies are mere notepads that just make access to sites you've visited load faster, so detecting them or not it's really no biggy they're not malicious in anyway. Thanks Computer Wizard
  15. Did you restart your system after uninstalling before installing the suite? Thank You Computer Wizard
  16. If i understand your paragraph correctly Lavasoft is aware of this issue and is trying too replicate this problem themselves to try and fix this. Thank You Computer Wizard
  17. I'm not 100% sure, i would hope so as rootkits can be troublesome and tedious to remove. Cheers Computer Wizard
  18. Glad to hear you got it fixed! Goodwork Computer Wizard
  19. i suggest wait a couple of days and try too update with your Internet connection and see if that works. Thank You Computer Wizard
  20. Were unable too help you with cleaning infections in this forum as its against the rules, but if you make a new topic in the [url=""]HijackThis forum[/url] you will get the help you are requiring. Thank You Computer Wizard
  21. Found this Guide to updating definition manually that might be useful for you wayne [url=""]updating definitions manually[/url] Goodluck Computer Wizard
  22. Hey There Myownboss! I'm sorry that your experiencing this trouble, sadly at this time I'm not sure of what troubleshooting steps to recommend but since you have a paid license i would wait for the response, also if your able you should try the Live Chat for a prompt reply ( permitting the chat is online ) Thank You Computer Wizard
  23. Hello Wayne123! I'm sorry your unable too update your definition files via the update manager this is typical behavior of malware infection, have you tried too update the definitions manually? Thank You Computer Wizard
  24. [quote name='macko1944' post='121571' date='Aug 3 2010, 12:34 AM']There is no "save settings"on my AdAware!All I can do,and I DO THIS EVERY TIME is,that I click on "OK"on the bottom of the page.This should be equal to saving the settings.But,IT DOESN'T DO THE JOB,because when I turn the machine on next,the Antivirus engine has the checkmark,which must mean,that it is active.So,now,every time I boot,I check and uncheck the AV,AND STILL,SOMETIMES IT COMES BACK BY THE TIME I TURN THE MACHINE OFF(and I run AdAware before doing that as a routine,and save a restore point if all is well),but it is annoying and I have no way of telling if there is any interference with my existing AV(Avira Antivir-I am using Windows Vista Home Premium by the way).It would be nice not to have to keep doing this every single time!!!Am I the only one this occures to??? Thanks.[/quote] so far on the forum your the only one i have personally seen create a topic bout this very issue possibly the OK button acts the same way as "save settings" but i'm not sure im afraid. Visitor or a LS mod can help better with this as i don't have Ad-aware installed on the system im on, only my laptop. Thank You Computer Wizard
  25. i'm sorry to hear about your issues. Issue 1 - when you deactivited the Anti-virus did you hit save settings? otherwise if you did im a lil stumped Issue 2 - Lavasoft are aware of the slow updates problem and are making a fix for it, apparently its due to the AV signatures taking longer than expected. Thank You Computer Wizard